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Omega VRT 350 HD Juicer Design Flaw Causes More Pulp and Clogging

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John from www.discountjuicers.com shows you a defective Omega VRT350 HD Juicer that was returned by a customer. In this episode, John will expose some of the design characteristics with the Omega VRT350 that caused this unit to fail including pulp getting clogged up in the juicer outlet port. After watching this episode, you will be more aware of the problems with the Omega VRT Juicer and how you can avoid them by using the juicer properly.

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Posted February 18th, 2013 in Juicer. Tagged: , , , , , , , .


  1. rawfoods:

    It depends on what specifically you want? to juice.

  2. rawfoods:

    Yes, fresh produce will lose nutrition when it is frozen, but not as much as when it is cooked. I encourage everyone to eat their produce in the most? fresh picked, natural state.

  3. rawfoods:

    I have seen some rare instances where the shaft in the auger is not molded properly and off kilter. This may cause it? to be a bit off-balance.

  4. rawfoods:

    The juicer that is easiest to clean is the Omega 8004 or 8006, which takes me? about 1.5 minutes.

  5. forstle:

    My VRT350HD arrived today and I made by first glass of great juice already! It is surprisingly quiet and I have no idea why someone would choose? one of the bladed/spinning juicers over this (other than cost). The pulp that came out was dry and it was MUCH easier to clean than the old juicer I was using before this. Thank you for all of your videos and being an advocate for eating healthy!

  6. fastracbabe:

    ‘Dude’ you’re? cool. I love your diplomacy! :)) Love your work.

  7. soitso:

    Hello John,
    I really? love juicing, mixing an making smoothies.
    But what gives the juicing a big minus for me is the fact that it is quiet hard to clean afterwards.
    What juicer would you advice which is easy to clean?
    Also nice videos I like it that you try to make clear that juicing is so healthy.

  8. nick65841:

    So what do you think, is this a defective unit or it’s? working as designed, and I should run the machine with materials inside it at ALL times (to avoid possibly ending up with plastic debris in my juice)?
    Thanks for your answer and please forgive my lengthy comment..

  9. nick65841:

    – a slight irregular movement of the components inside the bowl after 2-3 minutes of operating, like they were not properly balanced/aligned
    – the manual states the following: “Do not pre-operate before inputting materials”, “Do not operate with an empty bowl.” (may this be in order to ‘hide’ this defect??)
    – found the exact same problem being described elsewhere, maybe you can have? a look at it and share your thoughts: /watch?v=fnS3xZXfW34

  10. nick65841:

    Hello John,
    I recently purchased a HUROM HU-400 juicer from a store in Europe and I’m writing you is because I’m not sure if the unit I received is defective or not, and thus should be returned. Problem: when running the machine for the 1st time (without feeding in any produce), I noticed plastic chips coming off due to friction between the auger and the GE ultem strainer. I repeated this process several times with the? same results.
    Also noticed:

  11. Ken Assemi:

    Is raw produce degraded by? being frozen as it is when heated above 118 degrees or is completely preserved say as in dehydration?

  12. rmanners32:

    Question?? All I want is a juicer that creates low pulp and low foam. I am all about taste. I juice lots of fruits, and sometime veggies. Which juicer is right for me? Thanks….

  13. Michael Marr:

    @traxmom I thought the same? thing.

  14. TRYHEART67:

    Love my vrt…only follow Johns? advice for use!!!

  15. TRYHEART67:

    Thanks John for the reminder. Sometimes get over anxious to get juice moving? but love this juicer so much, I take care of it even better than I do myself. Hope it never cracks but I’ll never put dry coconut into it, that’s for sure! Thanks for letting us know. I strain it a little sometimes because I just like less pulp but find there’s not that much pulp. I’m wondering if that inexpensive juicer is pulpier? Have a friend who’s interested in juicing..sent her to your site videos~vicki

  16. pesto12601:

    No Refund for YOU! :)? Love the Vrt 350!

  17. kastnmagic:

    Interesting… Yes, it does give a pulp juice. If I don’t want a pulpy juice, run it through a 1 gallon paint strainer. ..I’ve never had a problem with my juicer like this (mine are the older white units)… I don’t generally cut anything up but just to fit into the? feeder tube. I keep mine very clean and always clean it half way through juicing w/hot water…I think maybe this person thought they could just shove anything in it all at one time as you see some do w/the centrifugal juicers.

  18. winkieman666:

    I pour the juice through a screen like the one John shows here then pop the pulp back through the? juicer and it cleans up nicely.

  19. seoul588:

    I have the latest Hurom (I bought it in Korean as I live in Hong kKong otherwise I would have bought from John). It’s brilliant. Yes, it’s pulpy, but who cares? Drink it or run it through again. It does get caked on, but it may be the crummy water or something. My helper definitely cleans it immediately. Biggest issue with the thing are the holes at the bottom of the main cage. They fill with water and wash which is a? stupid design flaw. Make it solid. Regardless, John is brilliant acr

  20. flakeyjay:

    I have been juicing for a couple of weeks w/ the vert 350hd and have followed your videos.(Thank you) I have only seen the plug pushed out once and it was because I did not cut the celery properly? on one end of the stalk. I love the pulp, because it makes the juice more hearty. Very happy with this product easy to clean!

  21. mreisma:

    i really like the 350hd and i also have the 8004. but i? think the pulp hole area on the screen cracked for the 350hd because i didnt cut up my celery, the pressure was too great. im not sure if this is covered by the warranty but i did send them an email 2 weeks ago and they didnt get back but i will call them now, thanks.

  22. norxcontacts:

    The Omega does put some pulp in the juice, but it usually settles to the bottom of the pitcher. I don’t have a problem with it.?

  23. moderngreeny4u:

    i use my? vrt 350 heavily and rejuice my juice. John is absolutely on target. i am just glad people are working at getting themselves healthy. a few abused machine are likely par for the course but still sucks. keep up the great work!

  24. rawfoods:

    Please call omega toll free at 800 633 3401 if you are the original purchaser the screen should be covered under warranty if it was damaged due? to normal use.

  25. mreisma:

    how can we get a new? screen

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