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Opinions on which car subwoofers and speakers are best for what I’m looking for=0)?

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Question by Danny C: Opinions on which car subwoofers and speakers are best for what I’m looking for=0)?
Thanks for seeing if you can help, I appreciate it:), this this is where im at. Im about to get acar audio system and Ive researched what companys are good for high powered subs and what they pack in each to try to give the biggest bang for your buck. Ive found that RF are best for pound, and JL audios last longer cause they have some new technology, and I hear Pioneers are good to. Now researching them is one thing but I felt hearing you reviews are another. Its best to get everything in the same brand right? What I wanna get is 2 12’s, 3000 watts a piece for a max of 6000 togeather. Than hook them up to a 6000 watt amp, and put them right at their RMS which I thing would be around 2500 watts right? Now I heard RF 1000 watt and they hit hard but I want my subs to shake your body very bad and blurr your vision while in the car and I want outsiders to feel it in there body as while when the bass happens, which subs will I be most happy with to meet these standards??? Ohh and which will last longer if I just pump their RMS and what powered speakers should I get so you can hear the words through the thundering bass??? Sorry its alot to read I know but I’m hoping for a good detailed and edugated answer, but if you can’t than I’m hoping for an experienced answer, thanks!!;)

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Answer by Mo Bmw
take a deep breath.lol.ok.first ur amp needs to be greater than subs,more than 6000w so the music is clear. Secound, sony,xplodes are really good too. 2500 rms should be good enough.Good luck.

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  1. chris:

    you want power like that then i suggest breaking the system up in to smaller portions. get 4 kicker cvx 12’s round speakers which have a rms wattage of 750 a piece and 1500 peak a piece times that by 4 and it gives you 3000 rms and 6000 peak all together . Get you two hifonics mono amps 2500 watts rms a piece and i promise you will kill any system on the street now WARRING YOU GONE TEAR YOUR TRUNK UP AND MAY BUST YOUR BACK WINDOW, KNOCK A COUPLE THING LOOSE ON THE VEHICLE BUT YOU WILL HAVE THE BADDEST SOUNDING SYSTEM EVER.

  2. DarkRider:

    If you want to make shit shake its more about wave strength then pressure. Basicaly, if you have a 10″ speaker and a 18″ speaker that have exactly the same specs except for size (impossible i know but just bare with me) the you will feel the 18″ way more then the 10″. Since the cone has 3 times the surface area means it can push 3 times as much air. But if i was going to run 2 12″ sub woofers they would be orion hcca 12.4, They take 2Kw and max of 4Kw and a burp of 6Kw each, I have the 10″ version of the orions and they are rated at 1500 each but for the past 2 years i have been giving them 4Kw and they havnt missed a beat.

    To make your vision go blury you will need more then 6000 watts. But mainly you need more surface area of your speakers. Now for in car speakers, there is nothing you can use that will be heard over 6000w rms (which will be about 150db all day long ) But what you can do is add extra speakers, you can fiberglass your door so that you now have 4 speakers in each door rather then the stock 1 speakers. There are a lot fo good speakers out on the market but you cant go wrong with the new rockfords. They are 100w rms and take it. They sound good the louder they go. But larger speakers means larger amp. The soundstream ref1.920 is a good one because itsa bout 240w X 4 so it has a big of power. Rockford also has a monster 4ch as well.

    Rms or continuous is what a speaker can take for long term without reviving damage.

    The Peak or max is the most power you want to put into the speaker for a few mins

    the burp is most u can throw down a speaker for a few seconds, normally for comps.

    I rather have my speakers getting their rms because then you can run at full power all day long, you wont go as loud as someone with a 6th order bandpass burping their single sub but its more impressive.

    Hope this helps

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