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passive Dual 10″ 1000 watt subwoofer with Lexan window

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FOR SALE 0 obo. ***i apologize for the bad video quality, the lows in the audio were too much for my laptop’s mic*** I picked up 2 10″ 4ohm dual voice coil Polk audio subwoofers in a ported PSW1000 ebony wood enclosure with 1000 watts rms wired at a 8ohm load with 8 purple leds in the front, 8 blues in the back and 1 rainbow led. I wired everything and housed 7 9 volt batteries inside the enclosure with a nice red button to turn lights on/off. 1/4″ input jack, white acoustic foam inside with a shatterproof Lexan window for admiration of the drivers inside. the whole thing weighs at a featherweight 80lbs *this was filmed pushing 40% of its handling power :}
Video Rating: 1 / 5

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Price:$69.99 DJ Rick shows off the latest subwoofer offering from QSC, the KW181. Shop with us on the web: Call us toll free: 866-PRO-MIXX or email us: sales AT agiprodj DOT com

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Posted October 12th, 2012 in For Sale 1000 Watt. Tagged: , , , , , , .


  1. Xxdominicx:

    dummes kind halt das ding still

  2. calicuts909:

    Hello mike I’m looking to upgrade my sound system I want to? know what would you get. Two jbl eon 518s or one qsc 18s ? Looking to shake the ground lol.

  3. TheDjCarriere:

    why you don`t? talk about the behringer b1800d . its 1400 wath and its 600$. better than de qsc and the price.

  4. iceman977th:

    Heard a? quick glimpse of these at a Guitar Center I was visiting, and I was impressed, didn’t have a chance to turn it up very loud though. I’m thinking of 2 of these per KW153 for a live sound rig, versus the JBL PRX635/618S-XLF. Thoughts?

  5. pumpitentertainment:

    I have a question? , do I need to buy a Crossover with the sub >?

  6. pwrbytrd:

    That thing is huge,i bet? it has a humungous power on it,damnnn subwoofer will shake the entire house lol…..

  7. DJStylus:

    Great videos. I’ve watched a lot of them. For someone with very limited storage and vehicle space, would you recommend one KW181 paired with 2 K10’s? I couldn’t store more than one KW181 but I MIGHT be able to find space for 2 KSUB’s. I’m concerned that one KSUB wouldn’t meet my needs for mobile? gigs that top out at 200 people maximum.

  8. directsound:

    dj? mIKEY mIKE

  9. agiprodj:

    Nothin’ fancy,? just a standard mirror ball motor and some black cable ties.

  10. agiprodj:

    Hey Charles, YES you can mix and match the HPR (and? K-Series) with the KW181. In fact, we just uploaded a new video (KW181 Pole Mount) that touches on this a little. Be sure to check it out. The KW181 is about 40lbs lighter than the HPR181i, which makes a HUGE difference. We feel like the KW can hang quite well with the HPR181. Thanks for your nice comments!

  11. Mastersonics:

    I have a pair of HPR122i’s and a HPR 181 for my band
    Would it be possible? to use a KW181 with the HPR122i’s?
    The extra space and less weight will be a VERY welcome addition.

    Let me know if there are any caveats in using two different QSC series.

    thanks for your great and informative videos,

  12. irgarza52:

    How you mount your mirror ball on that tbar? Can u show that? Qsc? can’t go wrong they rock!

  13. sainifabulous:

    I? wanna see that comparison!

  14. agiprodj:

    That would be an interesting comparison. Spec wise you see some similarities on paper (dB ratings and freq response), but the Yorkville is just a bigger, beefier animal. It is a full 50lbs heavier for what the manufactures are calling a nearly identical SPL output (granted that depends on who’s measuring!). The LS801p is only about 3 inches bigger in every direction than the KW181. We would? really need to hear both side by side. Both are great choices in this case.

  15. tonygunz21:

    How would you compare? the output of these vs. say a yorkville ls801p?

  16. agiprodj:

    Oh, we wouldn’t call him biased. He just likes great stuff. ? Just stay tuned for the new PRX speakers. That’s all we’re gonna say šŸ™‚

  17. sainifabulous:

    Thats cool. What about the PRX series? Rick is pretty? product biased since he owns every qsc model lol.

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