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prodeco phantom x 500 watt electric bike

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phantom x electric 500 watt mountain one.

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Posted August 20th, 2012 in Affordable 500 Watt. Tagged: , , , , .


  1. va4567891:

    Bikemania contacts details will? welcome!

  2. va4567891:

    Will you give bikemania contact details.
    1 is the wheels can be covered to protect from splashing in raining.
    2 Would have spare front and back baskets in? cycles for carring materials
    3 Any attachment, accessories available to convert in trident three wheels, so aged people can go without hassle pl.

  3. 123windyron:

    there about onethousand two? hundred bucks, contact bikemania,for correct price,good luck.

  4. va4567891:

    What is the price of bike pl. Yes do not sell to oil company.?

  5. sr14225:

    Western NY? I live in Amherst, do? they sell these bikes local? How fast do they go? (on the flat)

  6. tmc1473:

    Loving my Phantom X?

  7. tmc1473:

    Do we know how much? torqe the 500w is?

  8. 123windyron:

    your going to? love this bike,its tough.with,plenty of power ,make shure,you get the 12 amp,hour,batt, for,the 25mile range…,let me no how you like, it when,you ride it.

  9. tmc1473:

    How’s? the Phantom doing? I’m getting one hopefully next week. I live next Prodeco. I speak to them daily and they seem to want the customer to be happy.

  10. furytacos:

    @threeputtwilly there is? a new electric bike store opening in wnc april 1st…will have prodeco and some other great brands you can test ride before you purchase. will offer service as well. email me for more details

  11. 123windyron:

    western ny.geared motors ,like the first one, i owned,started,getting a bit noisey,after awhile,and it was made in china,dont make that mistake.mine ,broke down after? one week,then the nightmare,began,dont put your self through that!!!! geared motors are not very efficient.they use more batt power up.on the phantom x you can pull the thumb drive,to low ,save power,and STILL,peddel as fast ,or slow ,as you like.with out no clogging,only when battery dies.then its exercise.

  12. ampdavolts:

    , thank you for the quick and always honest answer. I guess for me, I want a bike? I can pedal freely on our flat Florida roads, so I will choose the 300W geared motor, as it is perfectly freewheeling, and it is enough power, since we have no hills here. Thank again. What state are you in, btw? It’s really nice looking country.

  13. 123windyron:

    yes it is,so keep the battery charged,the 12 amp battery will get you 25? miles.up and down hills.

  14. ampdavolts:

    It’s a beautiful bike and great value. Tell me, please, if you pedal it manually, does the 500W motor make any magnetic cogging drag? Is it harder to pedal in manual mode than? a regular bike?

  15. 123windyron:

    read my new? post on this bike,prodeco500watt electric bike,about your question.

  16. 123windyron:

    this? bike really ,really hard to get. they are backlogged but worth the wait.note that you ask for the 12amp battery you, may need to pay exta,but thats the one you want for the 25mile range…

  17. 123windyron:

    this is the only american made bike.note american made,dont, note,dont by this china, junk ,that i did before, i bought the phantom x,this bike is really climbs hills,matched up to that chinese, bike i bought,before,that broke down after one week.note that i have the 12amp battery,i think there shipping out the lower amp battery,out now.bikemania,have been great to deal with there right on the ball.dont buy those chinese bikes or you will be sorry like i did? before i bought the phantom

  18. threeputtwilly:

    Wondering if you’re? still loving this bike???, hard to find reviews by owners of this bike. Hope you’re well. I live in WNC mountains need the 500 watt, I know Prodeco is coming out with new 2012 models in late Mar/early April, but not sure I can wait….. Thanks for posting.

  19. nucmaz:

    Hey guys if you liked his product review then I encourage you to check out my product review of the men’s fitness folding MTB by prodeco. Just? put in Nucmaz or men’s fitness folding bike in the search bar. Thanks for watching!

  20. DesignerAviaries:

    This battery looks like the deck of an aircraft carrier compared to the other units with the same rating. They apparently? changed the design.

  21. 123windyron:

    come on does, yours fold in half.theres,no noise,and you get would not be legal over 20mph.remember? the harder you peddel,the faster you go.way past gas no noise ,and no your money,this bike has it all.compared to hundreds, i did my reserch,hours and hours, before i bought this one.

  22. 123windyron:

    it would void the warranty!get more exersise,and peddel? harder.or get a motor cycle.the light i have on the lower part of the fork is a bell.a walmart special for about fifteen bucks,nice light,for night rideing.a well thought ,great hill climbing bike.

  23. ecko22430:

    i have not try bypass the speed limit of the bike. i guess that will void the? warranty

  24. 74orangebeetle:

    Do you know if there’s an easy way to ummm bypass the 20mph speed limit on it?? I would love to have an electric bike, but don’t want to spend over $1000 and be limited to 20mph when my current gas bike does over 35mph and I have only $300 into it total (although the bicycle itself is junk.) I know they limit it for legal reasons, I just wish there were an optional bypass.

  25. ecko22430:

    What is the make in model of the light on the? front wheel

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