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Profoto D1 Air 1000 Watt Monolight Studio Flash/Strobe Review

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Posted January 27th, 2013 in Discount 1000 Watt. Tagged: , , , , , , .


  1. Raul Martinez:

    say? the prace

  2. Omar Magdi:

    thats an awesome review, but i wanted to ask you what is the name of the soundtrack you use for the? intro-outro? 😀 thanks

  3. mcphatstudios:

    Label your equipment? dude…

  4. Helder Miranda:

    Stifler? is now making photography videos?

  5. thehomeboy:

    Well, attaching the speed ring doesn’t really take much time regardless of brand. 🙂
    The most important thing about the Profoto light quality is a consistent light-output – color temperature and? light intensity.

  6. rileiv:

    I know what you mean thehomeboy, I decided to go profoto, I will be buying by the end of the? summer, but I will be getting Elinchrome Softboxes witch i find faster to assemble. A quick question.. Does Anybody notice the difference in light quality between a Profoto and alien bees or Elinchrom, in what way is it better? Thanks guys

  7. andykbh:

    didnt knew aston? kutcher was a photographer!

  8. thehomeboy:

    They’re still much better then the cheeper alternatives. I do agree with the negative sides explained in the video, but hell, the positive features are so fantastic!
    The speedring alone is worth it. Never again will I buy something else. (It’s? always room for improvements though) (got the D1 Air 500 with BatPac)

  9. GuitarBHL:

    13min,? that ain’t quick.

  10. FrostyTheBeerMan:

    This video lacked one thing, showing HOW to have it communicate with your camera. I use Alien Bees and there are several? ways, is there a sync “in” port that connects directly to your camera ? etc. Maybe a second video showing the ways you connect it, would be great. Tethered, and wireless ways of doing it. Just a thought.

  11. rileiv:

    agreed, flash duration is shorter in the? lower wattage units,nso if you want to stop motion you should get the 250 or 500.

  12. paradox963:

    My only real complaint with this video is the recommendation that everyone get the 1000ws version. This is fine if you do a lot of overpowering of daylight or have to light large areas, but for? many people who either work in smaller studios or like shooting at wide apertures this will be too much power. There are reasons to buy the lower powered versions other than the lower price.

  13. rileiv:

    Finally, somebody that speaks the truth about profoto. I hear just ass kissing? everywhere!

  14. Marauder1981:

    I think I´ll get me the set with two? flashes. It´s about 2000-3000€

  15. csselement:

    Wait…you bought? an extra remote instead of 2 AAA batteries? Talk about money to burn.

  16. shadowflare99:

    it’s was very versatile product to have a studio quality? outside … Perfect for weeding shoot

  17. shadowflare99:

    i have 4 – D1? 500 Watts with Profoto Batpack.

  18. Ercan Selim:

    very informative? video

  19. Santi Arriaga:

    Great review Fstoppers.
    I’m glad you stopped playing background? music while someone is talking. That gets really annoying.

  20. Lala Mabaso:


  21. MJmichand:

    This is a paid advertisement, I wish? it had that disclaimer.

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