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Question by : [3500 7850 7220 2980 8310 7450] [3670 7350 7490 3190 8050 7160]?
A company manufactures three types of home theater systems: a 300-watt system, an 800-watt system, and 1000-watt system. the systems are shipped to two warehouses. the numbers of units shipped to each warehouse this month and last month are given in matrices lsted above.

A. Write M that gives the total number of each type of home theater system shipped tot he each of two warehouses for the two months.

B. Write a matrix N that gives the difference of the number of units shipped this month and the number of units shipped that month. how many more 1000-watt systems were shipped to warehouse 2 this month compared to last month.

C.How would you determine the average number of units shipped to each warehouse for the two months? Write the matrix that represents the average number of units shipped.

D. the prices of the home theater sysytems are given in matrix C.

300-watt $ 149.99
800-watt $ 249.99
1000-watt $ 399.99

use your result from part(A) and a graphing calculator to write a matrix that gives the total value of the home theater systems shipped to each warehouse for the two months.

E. In one month, an electronics store sells 77 home theater systems for total of $ 22,549.23. There were twice as many 800-watt systems sold than 300-watt systems. Write a system of equations to represent this situation.

F. Rewrite the system you wrote in part (E) as a matrix equation.

G. Use a graphing calculator to solve the equation in part (F). What does the solution represent?

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Answer by DR + Mrs Bears face
so why are you asking such a complex question under car makes one might ask as it sounds like something to do with mathematics.
it is not in the correct category for a start and what are you after is the real question.
as this sounds like a question for an importer of electrical equipment not a question for yahoo answers.

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