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Q&A: How can I make free money online without using a credit card?

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Question by : How can I make free money online without using a credit card?
I am interested in earning free cash online but all the site I have been too require you to buy something or use a credit card for one time fees. Is there something out there where it is 100% free & you don’t have to enter a credit card number?

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Answer by cayla
http://volarex.ws/ is totally FREE to join. They are legit company and pay on time since a lot of years. You can join them for free and bring a bacon to home if you are a hard worker. No CC necessary.

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  1. Taylor:

    You can earn extra money online by participating in GPT sites (Get Paid To). One site that I personally use and love is free to join, unlike most ‘money making sites’ out there.

    Basically what you do is fill out free surveys and offers, and they pay you to do this. They pay around $ .25-5.00+ depending on whichever one you do. You can do as many as you like and there are hundreds to choose and do from. There are other ways to earn money on the site, such as referring friends, or participating in their rewards program and earning points to get prizes.

    I personally make around $ 150-200ish extra a month, that’s on the low side and I don’t do it everyday…there are stay at home moms though and other people with a lot of time on their hands that does make over $ 1000 a month. If you’d like to see proof of payment and read more about the site that I use you can visit my website.

  2. Hank:

    You can’t make money online for free. Earn money through hard work.

  3. Blake:


  4. Melanie D:

    I’m going to post 2 things. The first is 100% free, no credit card required. The second has both a paid and free section. I suggest using the free stuff to make enough money to pay for the paid stuff!

    Good luck!

  5. kimberly b:

    I have personally been paid by each of these companies. Trust me, I would not waste your time as I have been in that boat too many times. You aren’t going to get rich from any of these sites but you can make some extra cash. And now, how many of us could not use some extra cash? Most of these sites pay daily through paypal!








  6. Angel:

    I don’t know about you … … but I’m sick of all these sites that use *fake screenshots* and *bogus testimonials* to try to get you to buy their junk. When my friend Paul – a true super affiliate – was almost ready to launch his new site, I told him he needed to show everyone REAL LIVE VIDEO PROOF so they could see with their own eyes that he really did make $ 1,051,874 in 2007 from just one of his affiliate sites. Check it out yourself and see what you think:


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