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Q&A: How do I make money online without spending money?

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Question by ?: How do I make money online without spending money?
I’m looking for ways to make money online without spending any money therefore I do not have any money to spend.So if you have any good ideas feel free to give me your answers. Thanks!

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Answer by SDOGG94

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  1. JIM:

    If there were ways, the whole world would be doing it

  2. countesssummer:

    Sell some of your stuff that you don’t want on Ebay or OR, if your good at crafty stuff (you can sew, make jewelry, etc), sell it on

  3. giggitygiggitygoo:

    Fill out surveys for a chance to win money..You wont find to many ways to make money without spending it first. If you figure out a way then let me know.

  4. gerboaboy:

    Sell things you don’t need on eBay.

  5. Jay:

    Have you heard of or Vitacost or The Vitamin Shoppe? They are all reputable online stores for good quality vitamins & supplements. iHerb is rated #1 online store for vitamins by All these stores have a referral scheme. If you refer customers you get a percentage commission of their purchase. It won’t make you rich but you can expect to earn about $ 50 a month without spending any of your own money. Please note you need to have your own customer account to do this so if you have shopped at any of these stores previously you can check out the referral scheme (or even if you haven’t shopped with them just buy something for $ 5 or so to get started):

    Here is a website explaining the scheme in detail

    Hope this helps =)

  6. Nancy Z:

    Youtube but you have to be good do,if you don’t have a camera you need to buy one if you are planning on using youtube try to search for my profile 619gtsrko for any questions and i will tell you how to get paid and the instructions.Ebay and Amazon are good to but you will need a credit/visa…..card to have an account or else try to ask youre mom/dad for their credit card to put on there but you will need to have something to sell like a video game,books and other stuff you can sell need any help once again try to contact me on youtube search 619gtsrko than you.

  7. Kerry:

    I write articles for various free websites that share ad and affiliate revenue with their authors. My favorite is HubPages, and I’ve reviewed that site and a bunch of others here:

    You can also try selling things on ebay, blogging (check out for tips), or setting up a niche website of your own.

  8. Mohammad A:

    I have a website that is accredited with Better Business Bureau and they have a low $ 1 payout. You can go to the website by using the link in the sources.

  9. JLGatsby:

    a friend of mine just told me about

    interesting idea of a society pool of money that is distributed back to members and 200 first members are free…so I signed up…figure it was worth a shot…if a bunch of people sign up the pool of money could get bigger, etc. more money going out…not guaranteed, but nothing in life is right?

    if nothing else you could set it up and forget about it and potentially get selected to receive some money.

  10. Rahul D:

    there are numerous ways to earn money online, but most of them require certain registration fee. if you wish to earn without investing anything, then i will suggest you PTC sites, where u get money to click advertisements……………… i myself is earning respectable side income from them. all you have to do is register and start clicking advertisements right away.
    You might earn slow in the beginning but once u buy refferal packs from the money u’ve earned, it multiplies your earnings and speeds it up. and moreover its a totally genuine and scamfree way of earning.


    you can visit the recommended sites by following the link below:

  11. jonestom1986:

    I make money using
    YTB Travel Biz

  12. lwstn420:

    I use a few from here, made 50 bucks this week so far.

  13. Gary D:

    Check out this site. It’s similar to the other big sites like myspace, only it PAYS US to create a profile and invite friends, businesses contacts, and anyone else you want to stay connected with.

    If you only do one thing to better your lifestyle, join this site today and manage your new found wealth! By the way, it’s totally free.

    If you have any questions take a quick look at the FAQ’s (

    SIGN UP HERE using my sponsor link so we both get credit and stay connected {}

  14. chicagoguy:

    You should check this program that just came out. They have a deal with facebook, myspace and bebo. The application and serice allows any of your friends to send you a text message from your profile page and you can respond back from your cell. The best thing is your earn a commission for referring others and its really easy to do. Facebook has millions on it alone not including the other social sites. Its only $ 5.99 so I would check this out if I were you its really going to take off soon so its a good idea to roll with it now. go to and watch the video presentation. I also made a blog for this business as well good luck

  15. kathysq:

    I’ve been making quite a bit of money by taking surveys and filling out offers. It’s totally free. I make at leastt $ 20 (the minimum to cash out). But my biggest check was $ 78. It all depends on how much time you want to spend. I’ve also received a $ 50 Visa gift card.
    The site I use, updates there surveys and offers almost every day.

  16. Adrian:

    cashcrate is an easy way to make money just look at the forum!
    sign up here>!

  17. mann_gag:;NGQVKFW

    Click above 100 % true and legitimate site !!

  18. kpd:

    Earn up to Rs.2000 daily. No Investment.

    Wanted Online Internet job workers. Job is only through Internet. Work part time. You can earn Rs.750-2000/- daily. These are genuine Internet jobs. No Investment required. Only serious enquires please. For more details visit

  19. Joe W:

    To be honest with you, there are no legitimate ways to make money online without spending money.The good thing is that to make money online, you really don’t have to spend lots of money to do that.
    There are many ways you can use to try to make money online these days.One of the ways that I found to be very helpful for me is to try and join a small training club where you will be trained by professional internet marketers that will teach you how to make money online very easy and from the comfort of your own home since they have been doing it for a while and they know how to train people to do it as well. If you are interested, you can go to the following website :

    I joined this private club two months ago and they are an excellent training club for making money online for beginners using easy and fun ways that you will be amazed when you just know how easy it is to do that just using your computer from your home.

    I hope this answer help you and good luck with your search.

  20. No Obama:

    How about this:

    You basically click ads… lol.

  21. LonelyRose:

    good question

    there is endless ways for making money online
    – you can make pretty good cash by promoting affiliate products form clickbank and CJ

    – lunch a blog and make money from AdSense
    and many other ways without spending anything

    you can find great info to double your income in this report


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