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Q&A: Legitimate way to make easy money online for a 15 year old?

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Question by that guy u know: Legitimate way to make easy money online for a 15 year old?
Hey, ive been looking around online, and ive heard about these “easy money making” web sites that claim that all you have to do is fill out surveys and such and u get money! what i wanna know is:
A. Are these legitimate? is this a way i could actually make money?
B. What sites are ACTUALLY legitimate? i dont want to be scammed!

any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Best answer:

Answer by hey123
A lot of them are legit, but some are also scams…check out the link below for more info if you want…

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  1. zekedog:

    go to this site it is amazing. you sign up free and you can make lotsss of money just by doing surveys!!

  2. rohit m:



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  3. xxxshamsixxx:

    Here’s a success story of a 15 year old boy,who makes 1000$ each week, ask him how he does it.

  4. jr1:

    a great site where u can make easy money is


    if your looking to make serious money try

  5. Jack Black:

    You need to look up Affiliate Programs. One of the only legit ways to make money online without spending anything. If anyone asks you to spend money on something before you actually made any money, tell them to screw off.

    Almost every company, even Netflix and Bestbuy, have affiliate programs, just hardly anyone knows it. What you do is you advertise their product and for every sale you make off of your “affiliate link” you get a large chunk of profits usually upwards of 50%. So there is a whole art and science devoted to making money with affiliate programs by registering at an affiliate directory then getting a link then making a blog or website and putting the link on there then promoting that blog or website to get traffic there and traffic equals money.

    You can find free guides to do this at that link below here

  6. shrugger:

    One that I have found success with and completely free is

    It is a free site.

    What is it? An easy way to earn cashback on everything you and people you refer buy on places like ebay, target, petsmart, Gap, etc.

    I have been involved for about a year and a half and received payment to my paypal every month.

    I know you want to know about the survey sites. I haven’t had any success with those.

  7. ajthestoner:

    sign up at
    you can make money here without spending anything.not a scam site and they pay instantly so you dont have to wait and shit.i can help you out so just hit me up with an email if you need any help.

  8. optics233:

    Hi! There are A TON of scams out there, so be very careful! When I first started I lost 160$ . It was very painful. Any websites that ask you for money – ARE SCAMS. Any websites that ask you for credit card information – ARE SCAMS. Any websites claiming you’ll make tens of thousands of dollars – ARE SCAMS. There are legitimate websites out there which do in fact pay – but no where near as much as most people expect. If you want to earn a few extra hundred bucks, then you’re in luck because it’s more then do-able. If you want to seriously earn money though, online isn’t the way to go unless you’re starting a serious business. If you are interested in doing so, you can instead of relying on other peoples survey websites make your own website! Do you like video games? Start a blog about it! Get it popular enough, and you can place some google ads on the site, which will generate you revune. That’d be much more secure then trying to fiddle with others sites deciding which are scams or not.

    That being said, if you’re just looking for something quick and easy you can try filling out surveys online. I do occasionally for the extra money on the side, because it only takes about an extra half an hour a day. I have more information on my website, – I only post survey websites which have actually PAID ME and which I have actually cleared checks from. I also have some tips on there which will hopefully help you and prevent you from being scammed out of some money.

    Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you’re enjoying it! You’re still very young, so unless you really need the cash you don’t need to worry about earning a living just yet!

  9. dat_gurl_990:



  10. Tom M:

    This is the easiest and legitimate way to get money online, all you do is answer surveys and you can do it the easy way by donwloading roboform, they can also pay through PayPal.

  11. The Hulk:

    The safest and easiest way to make money online while having fun that I know is a website called Treasure Trooper just follow the link below to see the blog I have created for the website if you wish to sign up just follow the link on the blog, they have forums and step by step instructions on how to begin making money it is a great site.There is even proof of the checks that have been mailed to treasure trooper members on the website. You can also receive your payment through Paypal if you wish. I receive a check every month from treasure trooper. But don’t take my word for it check it out!! and for those people that believe its a scam trust me it is not you really do receive money from treasure trooper

    Hope this helps you as it has helped me

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