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Q&A: What makes car radio system good car radio system?

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Question by darkest.rainbow: What makes car radio system good car radio system?
I want some good sound equipment and I’m trying to compare prices and features and I don’t know what to compare to know that one is better than the other. For example, I’m looking for good speakers with good quality, I was looking just for the watts but some have less watts for a higher price than ones with less watts. So just wanted to know what specs I should consider when buying and what, in your opinion, are good enough features?

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Answer by Hemp123
Take a look at SPL and SQL. Visit your local showroom to have them demonstrate a few subwoofers/speakrs for you. That’s the only way to really have a hands on feel for your own personal taste.


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  1. mxcrazy123:

    The first thing to realize is that more than half the time you get what you pay for. This does not always apply, but it usually does.
    Second thing is what build quality the product features. To help determine this you need to read online reviews and also understand that certain brands mean certain quality.
    Understand that speaker manufacturers usually more than just one line of speakers. Alpine is a well known brand and carries things from Type E series (cheapest) to Type S, Type R, Type X (most expensive)
    If possible go to a radio shop and ask question and demo certain products on display.
    Also when deciding on speakers you need to know what you want the tweeter to be made of. Tweeters made of metals like aluminum and titanium give usually a louder more precise sound but can be harsh to the ears. Silk or ribbon tweeters usually sound warmer or smoother, but might lack the little details.
    Look at power handling. Any good pair of aftermarket speakers need an amp to sound good and loud. Some speakers without external amplification will literally sound like crap. You could spend $ 1000 on a pair of speakers and not amp them and they will probably sound worse than the stock speakers.
    Diameter, mounting depth, aesthetics, power handling, sound quality, sensitivity all decide on what speaker you will buy.
    But, you should listen to them first yourself, because only your ears know what you truly want.
    Junk Brands: Sony Xplod, some lower end Pioneer, Dual, Boss, Lanzar, Legacy, Fusion, Pro Bass, Jenson etc.
    Good brands: Alpine, Infinity, MB Quart, Kicker, Kenwood, Pioneer, MTX, JBL, Eclipse, JVC, Rockford Fosgate etc.
    Hope this helped.

  2. Charles W:

    speakers fed power close to their rms sound much better than underpowered speakers. speakers with lower ohms get much more power off the stereo than higher ohm speakers. also, check the sensitivity. above 95 is great, under not so much.

    for subwoofers, the size of the magnet is the main issue. 12″ kicker l7s weigh much more than most 12″ subs. make sure they are fed enough power cause base is hungry!

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