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Q&A: What size are the rear speaker in my 2001 pontiac grand am?

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Question by boritzerz1234: What size are the rear speaker in my 2001 pontiac grand am?
I dont know to much about the whole audio in a car and when I look, I know the more watts the better but whats the diference with the whole 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way speakers? Which is better?

Best answer:

Answer by Jeyan J
I think it is a standard 6×9 speaker. Check on ebay you will see.

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Posted January 8th, 2013 in Who Sells 500 Watt Cheap. Tagged: , , , , , .

One comment:

  1. Metallman56:

    there 6x9s.

    listen more watts doesnt mean better. thats a dumb misconception. cheap speaker comanys put 500 watts on 6x9s, which is total crap. thats a peak power rating, which means the speaker can take that much power for a fration of a second, before it blows up, and probably starts smoking. truth of the matter is most 6x9s cant handle more then 100 watts RMS. always look at rms rattings, never ever look at peak.

    instead of judging things based on watts, you should listen to the speakers BEFORE you buy them. dont listen to your friends, as chances are there dumb. for example i’m sure one or more of your buddys thinks alpine is the best for everything. your friend is dumb, cause he’s never went out and heard other speakers. the truth is alpine 6x9s are horrible for bass. so if you want any bass, then stay away from alpine.

    also stay away from stores like best buy. go to a private audio shop that sells good brands like

    Boston Acoustics
    Diamond Audio
    Pioneer Premier
    Kenwood Excelon
    MB Quart
    JL Audio

    all of these brands are excellent quality. if your looking for SQ (sound quality) then go with Boston, diamond, kenwood, or mb Quart. if your looking for SPL (good bass and over loudness) then go with Pioneer Premiers Rev series. there the best bass 6×9 i’ve ever heard. but go listen to them yourself. also yes there a very tight fit, but they will fit in the rear deck of a 01 grand am. they fit in mine just fine, but it is kinda a pain to get them in.

    ok last thing is the differnce between a 2-way, 3-way, and 4- way speaker. well first thing is price. most 6x9s are either 2 or 3 ways. a 2 way speaker has a cone woofer and a tweeter. they lack a little bit of mids, but most of the time you wont even notice. a 3 way has a cone woofer, a mid range driver and a tweeter. they do sound better then a 2 way, usually, but are also more expensive. last is the 4 way, which has a cone woofer, a midrange speaker and 2 tweeters. i’m yet to hear anyone tell me that they noticed any differnce between the 3 way and the 4 with the extra tweeter. the only differnce there really is is the price and peak wattage, which is crap any way.

    the pioneer revs that i recomended are 2 way. there built for bass, not really mids. it just really depends on what your looking for from the speaker, and if your going to amp them.

    good luck

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