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Q&A: will i be able to run 2 geforce 8800 gt 512mb cards with 500 watt power supply?

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Question by TOMBO: will i be able to run 2 geforce 8800 gt 512mb cards with 500 watt power supply?
I have p5nd2-sli deluxe motherboard, NZXT PF-500 500 Watt Power Supply. Should i expect any type of problems?

Best answer:

Answer by wwwdotrpg89
I wouldn’t try it. 500 watts is enough for one of those, but you should up to at least 800, maybe 1000 watts to run two of those puppies.

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  1. Ethan M:

    You should be able to under optimal circumstances, but the real measure of capability is the worst case. It won’t really hurt anything to try it out; your graphics will just look strange if 500W isn’t enough.

  2. agello24:

    should be enough. if not, windows will tell u

  3. h714375:

    agello: what kind of windows do you have ? I don’t seem to have a windows that “tells me” my power supply is inadequate !

    I have 1 x 8800 GT, a Core 2 Duo 6750 and 2 GB RAM with 4 drives. I calculated my power consumption to be about 650 W. I have a 700W PSU.

    If you can afford 2 x 8800 GTs, don’t buy a cheap and low powered PSU. Buy a 1000W PSU.

  4. e60.deluxe:

    each graphics card will draw about 65-75W
    400W is the minimum power required by nVidia for 1 8800GT. if we add 75W to that, we are at 475W. so uses 500W should be more than enough.

    however, the more important aspect is the stability of your power supply to be supplying power constantly to both cards.

    your power supply does not seem to be SLI Certified. i have never heard of NZXT, i dont know how good those power supplies, but they seem to be pretty cheap. i suppose you could try it, and system crashes and hangups are a sign of insufficient power.

    i would not depend on it however, as 8800GTs are very powerful cards.

    this OCZ is on sale for $ 48 and should work fine:

    finally this Tagan, is a bit over the top as its 700W, but its a good price at $ 110 as it is an exceptional power supply, this is what i would reccomend

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