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QSC K12 – **NEW** 1000 Watt Powered Speaker – Pro, Studio, DJ

Find The Lowest Price HERE 866-PRO-MIXX (776-6499) DJ Ty Shows us the new QSC K12 1000 watt self powered loud speaker. Weighting in at only 41 pounds, this is an incredible speaker for the money and weight class alone – not to mention the 1000W amp! The QSC K Series of speakers includes a 1000W 2 way 8, 10 & 12 and a dual 12″ Sub. Please Instant Message, email or call us toll for more info on these and other DJ Audio gear.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Posted September 5th, 2012 in Buying 1000 Watt. Tagged: , , , , , .


  1. omarlpv:

    Whats the rms on the k12 ??

  2. St671James:

    I’m sold. I? was going to buy a bose l1 model 2 but this cost less and puts out more

  3. juanete838:


  4. kylebike128:

    where does? the mixer plug in?

  5. missle25:

    how do you? figure that?

  6. Camcorders360:

    we’ve clipped the k12s before. we had music running through a mixer, with the knobs all the way up, mixer volumes about 75%, music, wireless mic, all at a rally in the school gym. the k12s clipped when the mic was really shouted into.? the red limit lights on the back are hard to miss when they come on 😉

  7. asspop123:


    $1600 for the pair.? $800 for 1.

  8. 1drumcovercritic1:

    that XLR cable shuld be plugged into? the B channel, you’re going to blow the speaker

  9. agiprodj:

    Speakon connection is for a non-powered speaker. ? The Speakon connection is for using a power amplifier with a passive speaker.

  10. shanekerchen:

    Am I able? to run speakon cables with this?

  11. AriaArvan:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful video!. I have been searching and searching? and Now I set my mind on which speakers to buy. I sure will buy the QSC K-12 in few days and I’m so excited!. Thanks for sharing this awesome video with us! thumb up!

  12. CE750:

    these are great speakers,? but I was very disappointed that for the high price they were made in China… but they’re nice nevertheless.

  13. agiprodj:

    Yes, exactly right. And no, not stupid, it’s a very good? question.

  14. techubbs94:

    im stupid but does daisy chain mean sent the line out from one speaker into? the input of another

  15. Planetbinxs:

    I hope you made the decision to buy? Jbl prx635

  16. kinishaPMW:

    Recently bought 2 ksubs and 2 k12’s your videos helped me to? decide.
    I am a a singer and I perform mainly with backing tracks.
    I am slightly confused as to the best way to connect the signal. The store where I bought them say to connect the signal into the Ksub first then to the K12, but the instruction diagram shows the signal going into? the K12 then out to the Ksub.

    What do you reccommend?

  17. P1001AT2:

    what is the backround music ?

  18. Zhorellski:

    This or? those RCF?

  19. gamexpk4r01:

    nice? speakers 800$

  20. djchavalito:

    nice speakers?

  21. djchavalito:

    nice speakers?

  22. mikethecripper:

    How much!!!!!!!!?????

  23. agiprodj:

    Not sure if we’d consider them heavy duty. But they have a definite locking position for each selection. Our staff? has used these for events easily over a hundred times and the switches have done well, never broken, and always worked.

  24. djstorm1987:

    Are those switches heavy duty? When I try to regulate the HF and LF switch it always feels like its about to break. The two? holes that holds the HF switch aren`t as visible as my other speaker. Not sure if this may be a manufacture or im just downright picky

  25. mesesay2:

    its? depends to your venue, i do used my two 12s with my b52s at a big venue and just my two 12s on a smaller venue, its does sound good too

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