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Silver Coins: A Savvy Investment in Turbulent Times

Find The Lowest Price HERE For More Information on Silver Coins has over 30 years experience in selling silver coins online. Silver Coins A Savvy Investment in Turbulent Times For the most part, precious metals are no longer considered legal tender for industrialized nations. However, precious metals can still have a role in a well-diversified investment portfolio. There are a number of investment options in this asset class, including silver coins. Market Ups & Downs In a recessionary market, investors scramble to look for safe havens from volatility. For example, the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index has lost and rebounded almost a quarter of its value in the last year. Recessionary markets are often characterized by inflation. Inflation is defined as an excess supply of currency leading to a rise in prices for goods and services. Sustained inflation inevitably leads to an erosion of purchasing power. Silver coins and other precious metals have traditionally done well in inflationary economies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes the Consumer Price Index (CPI) on a monthly basis. The rate of inflation is compiled from that information. The rate of inflation for 2011 was roughly 3.4%. The value of silver is primarily determined by supply and demand. The central purposes of silver are industrial (40%), exchange-traded products, jewelry and silver bullion coins. Comparatively speaking, the price of silver fluctuates more frequently than gold. Price volatility is
Video Rating: 0 / 5 In a currency collapse like the one on the horizon – what would be your preferred gold or silver coinage? Would it be 90% silver coins?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. dixiebandit1:

    @thegoodsandwich AR-15. That is a 5.56 mm rifle that is similar to the type the military uses only in semi-auto configuration.?

  2. thegoodsandwich:

    @dixiebandit1 What’s? an AR? o.o

  3. dixiebandit1:

    @ScrapGoldBusiness You are so right. I believe we need to hold as much physical silver as possible but that is only stop gap at best. When the Anti Christ comes on the scene it won’t matter. I am not giving up though as there is still alot of good we? can do before that happens. Hang on to your Glock and hopefully you have an AR also. Every American should have one of those. Oh, and some food put back would be nice also.

  4. ScrapGoldBusiness:




  5. oliveguss:

    you dont know this for a fact. it? is just a hunch that you have. and what will happen when you are the only rich one, and everyone finds out this, who meanwhile are starving, and they come and steal it from you? have you thought about that? who ever exalts themself will be humbled. whoever humbles themselves will be exalted. be careful.

  6. Marek2160:


  7. jmvideo7:

    I know the bottom is ready to collapse, anyone who bought all that bailout and fluff over crap is doomed. You are just scaring people into buying into Your Business! Yes the bottom is yet to collapse, and when it does you will see the crime rate soar like never before! And who are? you going to call when gangs come busting your door down for a couple of cans of food? The Police will not be paid, neither will the Military. There will be a TOTAL Breakdown in the system ! Invest in steel, buy a GUN!

  8. SidneyBou:

    @Chismoso7? Walking is just fine.

  9. Chismoso7:

    can I still not worry about my mortgage? and filling up my gas tank?

  10. weapons33:

    you met g4t once right… how did? it go, cheers freg for all the info

  11. KEM0SAVY:

    i wonder if it is? best to have scrap insted of bullion. because im thinking. bullion will have too much of purchesing power. one can buy a shop with bullion. but with scrap can buy smaller things.

  12. TheHoffmanBiker:

    I’m glad I have lots? of silver dimes!

  13. AgdrAgon999:

    @62636263c it’s all good. They’re? all the same.

  14. 62636263c:

    @AgdrAgon999 Yes it was Greenspan, my bust, but we can be assured that Ben is of the same insane mindset, and this is certainly bad news for the dollar.? You are correct about the Satanic part as well.

  15. o62omega:

    it? is mind blowing to me THE LACK of people that have any idea what 90% coins are! It will be a complete Cluster F

  16. AgdrAgon999:

    @62636263c it was Greenspan who said that but yeah, they’re ALL insane.

    That’s what “we the people” get when all the top (probably satanic) loonies? are put in charge of the global asylum.

  17. 62636263c:

    Helicopter Ben just said we can’t collapse,? we can print dollars – per Drudge. iS THIS GUY INSANE?!?!?!

  18. kriszab:

    When do you foresee the Govt allowing the bartering of Gold and Silver for essentials at their spot price and not their face? value?

  19. VerifiedNews:

    I? agree

  20. goscott4:

    Thanks Greg!

    REV ? 18

  21. LocalScumBag123:

    As always, excellent video – -? – Sincerely appreciate you and your content… Peace out~

  22. greggh:

    In the future your cell phone in addition to being your computer and video camera will also be a nice little gram scale for weighing the junk silver you’re making transactions? with.

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