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Small Kitchen Appliances KITCHENAID Stand Mixer Part ARTISAN KSM150 Wire Whip

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Small Kitchen Appliances KITCHENAID Stand Mixer Part ARTISAN KSM150 Wire Whip

  • Small Kitchen Appliances KITCHENAID Stand Mixer Part ARTISAN KSM150 Wire Whip #00110/1

Kitchen Aid replacement Wire Whip fits Artisan stand mixer models Fits Artisan 5 qt. Tilt Head Models Works with KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer Models starting with KSM150 Please contact us if you would like us to verify your model number

List Price: $ 29.02

Price: $ 29.02

GROWant G2-Lens Series 900Watt LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Enhanced for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

  • GROWant G2-Lens Series 900Watt LED Grow Light integrates with U.S.A Made Bridgelux LEDs and optimizes full spectrum in high-performance balanced ratio, provides plants everything needed for photosynthesis process like they do in natural sunlight, for all grow stages includes vegetation, flowering, clone and seedling.
  • Gets HIGHEST PAR/PPFD PER WATT output among market existing grow lamps, Perfect covers 4’x3.5′ (Maximum coverage 5’x4′) core grow area at 36″ height, consumes 360 Watts only to replace 750Watt HPS/MH/HID grow fixtures, 1/2 electricity bill saves.
  • Intensive 5w & 10w LEDs plus professional optical lens with precise beam angle, beam of light mix completely and penetrates deep into canopy for bottom leaves, plants grow bushy, boosts quality bigger dense flowers that are completely coated in resin.
  • Each 150Watt light module equipped 1pcs 3″ silence fan + aluminum cooler, light decays much less and lifespan much longer VS other LED fixtures
  • Extra Bypass Protection Diodes absorbs surge to protect other LEDs from loop breaks. 3 years US warranty plus 30 days return guarantee, growers worry free from purchasing.

Welcome to GROWant 2nd Generation Lens Series LED Grow Light, characteristics of Full Spectrum, Highest PAR/PPFD PER Watt, High Intensity USA Made 5w/10w LEDs, Deep Penetrates Optical Lens, Silence and Sufficient Cooler, is perfect for vegetative and blooming period of all kinds of indoor plants.

1. Technical Specifications

1) Physically Parameter
* Item Dimensions: 21 x 14.6 x 2.4 inches
* Item Weight: 13.2 lbs

2) Electricity Parameter
* Input Power: 86-265Vac @ 50

List Price: $ 689.00

Price: $ 269.00

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