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Peel & stick Betta Thermometer by SunGrow — Accurately checks tank climate for temperature-sensitive betta — Keep betta healthy — Large font for quick reading — Easy-to-use Adhesive strip

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Peel & stick Betta Thermometer by SunGrow — Accurately checks tank climate for temperature-sensitive betta — Keep betta healthy — Large font for quick reading — Easy-to-use Adhesive strip

  • A MUST HAVE TO MAINTAIN NATURAL TROPICAL HABITAT FOR BETTA — In nature, betta fish are often found in warm and hot waters in low altitude areas such as Burma and Thailand. For the healthiest and most active betta, it is important that their environment be as close as possible to their natural habitat. Since betta are accustomed to consistent tropical temperatures, having an effective betta thermometer is essential to ensure the perfect temperature for your pet fish.
  • EASILY MONITOR YOUR BETTA TANK WATER TEMPERATURE — When it comes to monitor the water temperature of your betta tank, the most useful tool you can find is an aquarium thermometer. Don’t let your betta tell you it’s too cold or hot in the tank for them, by getting ill, and risk losing them. The cost-effective, Peel & Stick Betta Thermometer by SunGrow quickly tells you the temperature at a quick glance any time, so that you can make potentially life saving adjustments to your betta tank water.
  • SIMPLE, PRACTICAL, EASY TO READ & SETUP — Designed to be simple to read and easy to attach (just peel and stick), the paper thin 5.2″ tall by 0.7″ wide (13cm x 1.8cm), SunGrow Betta Thermometer is all black with the temperature measurements written in white. Using color indication, the water temperature that the thermometer reads will change to a blue color on the measurement scale. The measurement range is 64-93 degrees Fahrenheit or 18-34 degrees Celsius.
  • HELPS PROTECT BETTA FROM DISEASES LIKE FUR COAT SYNDROME — As they are so sensitive to water temperature changes, betta are particularly susceptible to diseases such as Fur Coat Syndrome. It is a dermal bacterial infection that discolors betta’s fins and covers your fish in a furry mold. Fur Coat Syndrome is nearly always fatal within 30 hrs of symptoms showing and is highly contagious. However, this disease is easily prevented if you keep your betta’s water between 78° to 80° Fahrenheit.
  • ENSURE HAPPINESS & LONGEVITY OF BETTA WITH — Being able to quickly and accurately read your betta tank’s water temperature is essential to keeping your betta fish healthy. The betta thermometer that you choose needs to be reliable and provide you with an factual reading at a glance. Changes in water temperature can greatly stress out betta fish and seriously harm their immune system. Using the practical Peel & Stick Betta Thermometer, you ensure the happiness and longevity of your fish.

Where should I place the Peel & Stick Betta Thermometer?
To be the most effective, the sticker betta thermometer by SunGrow should be stuck to the outside of your betta tank away from any heat source such as light bulbs or heat pumps. This ensures you receive the most accurate reading and can adjust your water temperature accordingly.

Why do I need to monitor the temperature of my betta tank water?
To keep your betta fish healthy, happy and active, make sure that they always have

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Tronixtar 20W Waterproof IPX7 Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Metal Carabiner. Gift Box Packging. (Black with Silver Color Frame)

  • WATERPROOF IPX7: Trnonixtar designed to provide fully waterproof of the highest incursion protection degree of IPX7 (IPX7- Immersion up to 39.4 inches for 30 minutes underwater), some competitors may offer an IPX5 rating. Be noted that this is only at splash proof or light rain, not waterproof.
  • FOR REAL WATERPROOF EXPERIENCES BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: Forget all about cheaply made splash proof and waterproof music speakers that would stop working after a while and invest in this well constructed wireless speaker. Designed not only to be splash and dust proof, this speaker is safe to use in the water as well. Enjoy your shower or a swim in the pool with this speaker that is designed to float on water and will accompany your every move!
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR HD QUALITY BASS SOUND: No more speakers ruining your favorite tunes, only perfectly clear bass and HD quality sound from now on. Thanks to its 20W unbelievable high power you will be listening to music with great, crystal clear sound and enhanced quality bass. The rechargeable 4000 mAh Lithium battery is designed to provide you and your friends more than 10 hours of music happiness till next recharging!
  • PORTABLE TRAVEL STEREO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: We here at TRONIXTAR have meticulously designed this stereo Bluetooth speaker to be floatable and lightweight so as to easily carry it or hold it in your hands. Ideal for camping, picnics, hiking, outdoor Yoga practise, pool games, beach excursions, sports, parties, boat adventures and more. It comes with a durable carabiner for facilitated hanging and a manual included!
  • HASSLE FREE PAIRING WIRELESS SPEAKER: Do not compromise with anything less than perfection when it comes to your music speakers. Our waterproof speakers can be easily paired with any Bluetooth bearing device. Your iPhone, iPad, tablet, computer, TV, laptop, video games consoles or iPod. This speaker is backed by a 100% RISK FREE 12-month manufacturer’s warranty policy. Make sure to BUY NOW with our limited time sale price and limited time coupon code for a Bluetooth selfie stick 100% off.”

Finally, A Wireless Bluetooth Speaker That Is Both Waterproof & User Friendly! Music Fans Wait No More! Are you looking for the ultimate music gadget that will allow you to enjoy your favorite jam everywhere you go? Are you sick and tired of wireless Bluetooth speakers that aren’t made to last? In search of the coolest Holiday season coming gift for your beloved one? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading because we have the finest wireless Bluetooth spea

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