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The LOUDEST 2 12’s on 1000 Watts I Have EVER Heard! DAD Subwoofers FTMFW!

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Forgot to mention in the trunk…lol This is Scott’s(owner of the loudest side by side’s) Maxima with 2 12″ DAD BD Series on a JL 1000/1 in a PRO BOX! Shit was wangin! Movin plenty of air…gettin low…and shaking shop windows! Don’t forget to check out DAD”s website! jmhaudioconcepts.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. SSRNewJersey:

    alright lets? see a video

  2. garrett hoagland:

    My sa12s would shit on those!


  3. TrollRaper69:

    Comptons Most? Wanted FTMFW!!

  4. 1LoudMerc:

    1000? watts my ass,lol!

  5. James Taylor:

    thats tha perfect slap 4? me

  6. Darri Bjarkason:

    you can seriously flip pancakes on that roof.

  7. ViiSiiOnZziSODMG:

    First song? was (comptons most wanted- hood that took me under)

  8. TheJaeboogie:

    Where can I find these sub’s? on the internet?

  9. junky3013:

    who sings this song in the? first part of it

  10. junky3013:

    wasn’t sure? who it is

  11. junky3013:

    who sings this song in? the beg.?

  12. tpotpo9:

    That litil├ę kid was? lik? da fuck

  13. claydegoede:

    this gives me? some ideas for my beater maxima…hmmm

  14. thatmexicanguy18:

    what are these boxes? made of

  15. SSRNewJersey:

    ill send you a? link in pm

  16. BassHead76O:

    thanks man, thats not that bad.?

  17. SSRNewJersey:

    Doin same set up just? with KMH’s

  18. SSRNewJersey:

    $189? Shipped

  19. PatrykPSNajlepszy:

    COOL BASS? !!!!!!!!!!

  20. MADdrummer971:

    Its? all about the box!

  21. DJJIMMY214:

    nice..i thought my 2 12s were bangin… im running 2 mtx 9500s with old? school hifonics hercules 2000rms d class…yal stay cool.. sounds good bro

  22. thelifeforreal:

    Steven Jo FTW.?

  23. Jason Lindler:

    Check out some of my vids? and see what I can do with 300 watts!

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