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Top 10 Most Valuable Baseball Cards

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Link for 1869 Card: Top 10 most valuable baseball cards in history.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Seventh track from the album ‘King Of The Beach’ which is available for purchase via Fat Possum Records. Buy the album here:

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Posted February 23rd, 2012 in Baseball Card. Tagged: , , , .


  1. baltimorealwayswins:

    Way? off

  2. ac3nyy457:

    You’re missing Eddie Plank T206 1909. Also, the Sherry Magee misprint (Magie) card from the same? set.

  3. MrDumptuck:

    Imagine watching this video and seeing your face on one of those? cards…

  4. 831chema:

    I have honus wagner t-296 #41?

  5. killerkid4456:

    I got slot of baseball and basketball cards and I got a? team that’s not even a team anymoew

  6. jjlhro:

    Check out my football card? giveaway its free 😀 /watch?v=Kv9mmZ2ZHbQ

  7. lankyman77:

    hmm would you rather, some cardboard or a fucking awsome beach? side house hmm

  8. TheKcsmithy:

    some really good stuff here?

  9. smuggecko:

    really informative? and interesting

  10. JohnsonOfficial7:

    Check out my collection on? my channel

  11. Lilphill27:


    No sorry bro last one sold in auction sold for 2.8 million bucks. look it up.

  12. Lilphill27:


    Damn.. that? sucks dick

  13. pbrick6301:

    i want this song to be played at my funeral while i? am being lowered into the ground.

  14. marceltab:

    What about a Blake griffin? logoman 1/1 rookie on eBay

  15. iHateMyLifeandFamily:

    I sold my Mantle rc? for $25 10 years ago! I’m really pissed that I didn’t know it was worth that much!

  16. Zeaglefireblaze:

    @rooneybirdy nice

  17. rooneybirdy:

    i got? a 1952 mm for 50 cents @ a garage sale

  18. bravesplaya2514:

    honus wagner was a? shortstop

  19. bw831:

    @nikolaz1020 Hard? to believe, but its true, heres a copy and paste from baseballcards101. “This near mint to mint example graded by PSA recently sold for a reported $2,800,000. “

  20. kbcards1018:


    this video was taken a long time ago.? The price has gone up.

  21. nikolaz1020:

    The honus wagner card isnt worth? what u said… its 300,000

  22. Foo3112:

    I have that Babe Ruth but PSA 6. Yet to see something higher on ebay. Also,? these prices have to be a PSA 10 cause those are some top dollar comanding prices.

  23. mikelkohn:

    check out? my vid… its about my top ten baseball cards

  24. miamiheatmattwade:

    now i swear to god my dad has the honus wagner I SWEAR TO? GOD!!!

  25. RobTheCardGuy:

    If you? guys like Baseball cards,please check my vids out thanks!

  26. LUKEWORM9:

    fuck? MTV

  27. rkang52:

    yer shit hot?

  28. yoEVandro:

    @seeingstars143 what? listening to music while high ON WEED DO make it different. Awesome songs continue to be awesome songs, but you feel different, perhaps more emotional and you think it’s genious work a lot more,? it strucks you harder.
    weed is a hallucinogen but very slightly, and you won’t see bubblegums floating in the air or anything like that, but it enhances music experience, at least for me; and everyone i know.

  29. MrAjaygee:

    Fat Possum constantly? carries great bands, even if they are played on MTV

  30. 0EmTheBoss0:

    Weed is a hallucinogen .. but being high and listening to music isn`t something you need to tell EVERYBODY about cause I`m pretty sure we didn`t all come here to? hear you tell us about that, we came here to listen to this amazing band .

  31. Ieatpie676:

    @seeingstars143 get? a load of this guy


    Joplin Spider – Gorrilaz? samples this song.

  33. khiababes:

    @seeingstars143 i? agree, the amount of comments about how high people are are fucking stupid, i don’t think they realize nobody cares.

  34. seeingstars143:

    All you saying listening to them high is awesome. You guys are fags. Sorry to burst your bubble but weed isn’t a hallucinogen. Ive smoked bud before and I feel the exact same listening to any type of music when im sober. Stfu posers?

  35. PetriesLakeHouse:

    My friends and I recently recorded a song called “Nylon Whale” and we would love if you took the? time to check it out! It doesn’t have? much of a Wavves feel, but we’re an indie band looking for support! Thanks!

  36. MrMenmon:

    i listened to? this when i was high with my friend victoria and that sk8babe girl talks just like her its fuckin crazy

  37. Gclino:


  38. alexbutlerful:

    Im so high?

  39. wrestling932:

    what is this supposed yo? mean

  40. Kewlkiddieluv:

    @iThinkiForgotMyName I can’t stop laughing at your comment! ?

  41. Bradley12595:


  42. iThinkiForgotMyName:

    @damastaofu? windows movie maker

  43. damastaofu:

    anybody? know how they get there vocals like that? What program etc

  44. kingdomsbythesea:

    @noncliqueman707 If you? are referring to Animal Collective, I totally agree that it reminds me of some AC.

  45. RhodesidesReviews:

    Beach Boys on? crack

  46. sk8babe1:

    Who gives a fuck if MTV is playing Wavves songs? Wavves is still a great? band, MTV doesn’t change the quality of the music. Calm your tits.

  47. tjbones1994:

    awesomeness ^_^?

  48. Sexandrugful:

    wavves? kind fucked up after mtv starts to play their music.

  49. blunt270:

    i wish they? made more songs like this

  50. mrnycslacker:


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