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TSA Agents Harass Man Over Silver Coins

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Federal agency tasked with airport security now routinely interrogates Americans about their financial affairs. A traveler flying into Las Vegas was questioned by the TSA about his small collection of silver coins, another example of how the federal agency is acting more like a secret police unit than an airport security outfit, routinely interrogating Americans about their financial affairs. Alex Jones talked to Jeff, a software engineer, after he passed through security, who told him that TSA agents had questioned him about why he was carrying silver coins and demanded to know their value. The screeners also asked if Jeff was collecting them for a hobby or an investment. Jeff explained that he was simply planning to cash in the coins and use that money on his vacation instead of dipping into his bank account. The total value of the coins was no more than 0 dollars. The delay led to TSA agents telling Jeff they couldn’t guarantee that his bags would even make it onto the plane. This is not the first time US citizens have been harassed by TSA screeners for carrying items of any value, or refusing to answer invasive questions about their financial affairs. In 2009, Ron Paul campaign treasurer Steven Bierfeldt was detained and interrogated for nearly half an hour by TSA officials for the crime of passing a cash box through a metal detector which contained 00 in campaign funds. During the interrogation, Bierfeldt was threatened with arrest and bombarded with questions
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  1. AppanParsu:

    Thats a? shame, I’ll use CASH until they arrest me.

  2. Sovereign420i:

    your selling silver bullion? your? an idiot bud. an idiot

  3. EmericaJRod:

    @HARMLESSPictures Welcome? to vegas…

  4. 99Darkheart:

    They’re in Vegas,? slot machines are everywhere

  5. Anothercoilgun:

    Tell that? ts-asshole to go fuck off.

  6. NateTheGreatPilot:

    This isn’t a TSA law, but? CBP (Which is part of DHS) That you can’t travel outside of the country with more than $10,000 in cash. Yes, I know you were going to Vegas, but Southwest flies to Mexico from there, and it COULD appear that the coins would be worth more than that. I honestly won’t think so, but it COULD. Just saying.

  7. pmattoon:

    lol figures this would? be an alex jones thing

  8. bermudaguy1:

    The only answer: Vote? Ron Paul!!

  9. MarshallBF:

    Oh man, I? love Europe now.

  10. HARMLESSPictures:

    @HARMLESSPictures Ahh, that explains it. Yay Vegas.?

  11. donniebrasco24:

    @HARMLESSPictures vegas airport you? fool!

  12. HARMLESSPictures:

    Slot machines in an? airport. WTF?

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