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What are the minimum course requirements to enter an RN program in California?

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Question by aljea: What are the minimum path requirements to enter an RN software in California?
I want to become an RN, but I am not sure exactly what courses I need to take. My plan is to go to group college to do the RN pre-requisites, then go to ROP to do an LVN program, then do the final 12 months to get the RN, and then go to a university to get my BSN. The only factor is, for my first step at the community college, what are the neccessary classes in california? I already meet the math and English requirements, and I know I still need to take Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Human Development, and Public Speaking, BUT what else do I need to take???????????
hey biomike, what is your problem? I learn your questions and answers and all it seems you do is yap your trap on and on about how horrible nurses are. Without nurses, hospitals would be running. Another thing is, nursing degrees don’t take 1 year, especially if you need to be an RN. Three, I want to be a nurse because that’s what I want; I do not want to be a doctor. Fourth, nurses aren’t just for poor other folks who want to make quick money, a few people actually like that career. Any lastly, before you call someone ignorant or dumb, do your research so you don;t end up looking like the moran.

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Answer by Cas
go to a community faculty and discuss to an advisor

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  1. biomike_1998:

    Become a doctor, not a dumb nurse- nurses are a dime a dozen- loser- get a good education- not a loser community college education- if you must become a nurse then goto University, please, I am sick of dealing with ignorant nurses that give digoxin with a resting hr of 55

  2. afsgtwife:

    Your best bet would be to meet with your acedemic advisor to discuss this.
    I’m currently working on a 2 year degree and my advisor told me that CORE classes (English, Algebra, biology, speech, History etc….) are the most important for a 2 year degree, and I don’t really need to ‘specialize’ into my career classes until I begin on my bachelors.
    Of course, she also told me that I could begin working on the specalized classes now, but they would count as elective credits and may not transfer to my university and I would have to either take them over again or test them to see where I place.

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