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What is a good way to earn money online without investment?

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Question by Open2Share: What is a good way to earn money online without investment?
I am a single thirty something year old woman.. recently divorced and have 2 small kids at home. Please give me some ideas on how to earn money online without investment? Or very little $ investment I am real motivated…

Best answer:

Answer by Karen
Hi Ashlie Lynn,

You say you are motivated and I bet busy with 2 small kids. I would love to talk with you about exactly what you are looking for in a way to earn extra money. I am an Arbonne Consultant and love it. It can be a extra way to earn a little extra money or many like you have built a strong Business. It would be your own business. You can also earn a free car. This is a way to make money right now, but long term it can grow into a full time salary working part time for yourself. We all work for ourselves, but with each other. Lots of fun and you can work it right into your own free time. If you want to learn more, please contact me through my profile here. I will provide you with more information so you can decide if this would be a great fit for you.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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  1. roderick_young:

    Be careful, this kind of question attracts lots of scams.

    This would be a good time to do a skill assessment. Did you have a job before? Or if you have a degree, what is it in? I would see if I could get something like that, only that allows you to work from home. Manual labor is not going to work, but office work might.

  2. goddard shelton:

    Well, everyone works differently, but I work best by getting a book from the library, or a bookstore, or even borrowing one, reading it, and just trying it out on my own.

    You can hire a tutor, use a book, online tutorials, ask others you know who are programmers to help, etc.

  3. haseeb Annadamban:

    when somebody asks this question many will give you a scam answer so beware before going to a work. if you want to know what is internet scam research on Wikipedia. it may help you. winning a job is difficult even in internet.i f you want some jobs you should have Enough skills to apply for a job. do you know web designing, programming,cad work,designing, or if you are an article writing expert then you could earn money. if you don’t have any such skills it will be difficult to earn money. these type of jobs are available at outsource marketplace websites. please only join on best outsource marketplace. so search in yahoo for best outsource marketplace websites for getting such jobs

  4. I had a dream:

    So many people asking for this same thing, yet nobody ever mention having any skills… so, somewhere along the line something must have happened that people suddenly think they can work without having any skills… from home.
    So… what happened?
    You want ideas? I have plenty but nothing that you can’t find yourself via google. How about graphic designer, internet marketer, webmaster, writer, researcher I could go on for 2 hours but isn’t it simpler to admit that without skills there is nothing that one can do?
    Else, just say your skills and people can focus on those… otherwise you are just going to be a magnet for scammers.

  5. yallit:

    there are a lot of ways to earn money online. i’m not going to post any links to avoid being tagged as spam but what i can tell you is that there are legit sites that will allow you to earn money with even zero investment. it’s not an overnight success. it would be a painstakingly long process when you start from scratch but once you’ve got it going then it would be a substantial extra income that will be worth the time your spending with.
    for zero/low investments the following would be on my toplist:
    ptc sites – admittedly, there are scams but we can’t dispute the fact that there are actually a lot of them that’s been around for years and are paying. just try to learn how to spot the legit ones from the scams
    paid social networking sites – these sites require a low investment to start with
    other type of income generating sites you may be interested in:
    paid Q&A sites – yes, there are sites like that.
    paid link shortening sites – if you love to posts url on social networking sites then you can shorten those links, put an ad to earn
    create your own blogpage then put some ads in it

  6. bob:

    After years of trying everything under the sun, I finally found something that is easy and simple.Just take a look you will be quite impressed I’m sure:

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