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What size subwoofers should I get for my car?

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Question by Gareth Smith: What size subwoofers should I get for my car?
I have a 4 door sedan and currently I have a 1000 Watt kenwood amplifier and 2x 10″ cheap 200 Watt subwoofer.

I listen to allot of club themed music and some pop.
I am looking to get new subs as these current ones as these have a weird pitch at higher volumes.

Are 12″ subs really worth getting or does a good set of dual 10″ be good?

Best answer:

Answer by Micah G
All u need is some good 10s, get higher watts for cheaper price since you need that “feel it in your chest deep bass”

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  1. MrWakeup:

    Depends…10’s are quick response subwoofers. Better for higher ranged bass. 12’s are a tiny bit larger, and don’t respond as quickly to fast high range bass.

    However 12’s can give you a bit more deeper base. But really what it boils down to is what kind of bass do you want. Club and pop…pop especially can be very vocally oriented. And having subs that are larger and perhaps more boomy, may take away from the rest of the sound, unless the rest of the speakers are.

    I don’t get what the first poster suggested by saying getting higher watts if you go with 10’s? Most subwoofer companies increase the wattage handling when the subwoofer size goes up.

  2. Kid Name..:

    Okay, all subs have a different pitch to them.

    2 12″s are powerful, so are 2 10″s hell there’s 1 10″s out there that will make you feel like you have 4 12″s. It all comes down to the set up. 1000w Kenwood amp would work with 2 12″s putting out 500 a piece because no matter what wattage/RMS the companies say they put out its not completely true.

    2 12″ kickers CVX’S OR CVR’S will do the trick.

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