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Whats the best way to make money online without any up front fees?

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Question by Elton: Whats the best way to make money online without any up front fees?
ok im interested in making money online and dunno how to.wanting to know how to and which is the best way to make a killing?im interested in web design,affiliate marketing,video game programing,computer programing, just dont know which way to go and how.

Best answer:

Answer by Mitchell Banks
What ever you do make sure that it is not a job that involves a need for proper grammar, spelling or punctuation since you don’t have those skills. I wrote a couple of articles. One on how to make money on the internet with no selling and no work. The other about deciding what kind of business you want to own. If you know how to program computers and design video games then you should go to and upload your resume regarding your skills, experience and training in those areas as that would probably be the best way to go.

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  1. Ethan:

    There are only two things you need to invest in online, well maybe three and they are a domain, hosting and an autoresponder service.

    To get started at absolutely NO cost & considering the times I would consider maybe video marketing specifically with YouTube because they are a part of Google and can bring you a lot of organic traffic if set up correctly.

    What I like most about video marketing is how easy the viralness can take effect if you have a good video! One of my specialties is explaining video marketing! You can visit my website below and get a free copy of my ebook that will help you get going at no cost!

  2. SoccerManiac:

    a buddy of mine started a blog that talks about the topic at hand. he’s pretty good at making money online, and he makes a pretty steady stream of money online each month. but really, the only tip i can give you is to work hard and never quit. it may seem tedious at times, but don’t quit.

    wish you the best of luck man!

  3. Itsygo:

    Fiverr Is definitely the way to go, because it’s free and if you know what you are doing you can make a lot of money of off fiver. Check it out. Just type in

  4. ballingerchief:

    Answer is simple. Join the Text Cash Network. All information is available in the first link I listed.

    I joined a fundraiser that models itelf after how facebook and google make their money. Registry is free and the only thing people need to invest is their time. Anybody with a cell phone can do it. I’m loving it. This fundraiser never ends too. If you would like more information, this short video will answer all the questions. It was my first impression with this fundraiser. I also left my facebook group on the fundraiser in the sources. I also left the signup page.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  5. dr_sangv:

    The best method to make money online on autopilot is plug and profit sites.
    I found this website best –

  6. David Chand:

    Hi, Elton!

    Indeed, the first thing to do is determine what the business model for so many. After that you focus on what has been selected.
    One of the many models of the most widely used and proven to make money easily is affiliate marketing. Why?
    If you want to earn revenue on the Web, but do not have a product of your own to sell, affiliate marketing model is just the solution. Affiliate marketing has many benefits, and is highly recommended, ESPECIALLY for the beginner.
    You can sell some e-books, software, services or other people or company (you dont need to create a product, so, no production cost) with huge income potencial , up to 70%, and without fees to join or licenses, no merchant account needed, No Customer Service Concerns and minimal risk.

    I only share the information that I get on the web :

  7. Iris:

    make sure you get some good traffic to your website

  8. gangstermofo86:

    You can make money online trading the stock market, here is a book that helped me get started, it taught me enough to understand how the stock market works, and to be profitable day trading…

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