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#health Dr. Cole’s Organic Jock Itch Treatment – Anti-fungal Ointment, Kills Fungus & Ringworm – Relieves Itching & Eliminates Fowl Groin Oder Naturally – Easy to Apply – Safe for the Whole Family Reviews

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Dr. Cole’s Organic Jock Itch Treatment – Anti-fungal Ointment, Kills Fungus & Ringworm – Relieves Itching & Eliminates Fowl Groin Oder Naturally – Easy to Apply – Safe for the Whole Family

  • WHAT IT IS: Dr. Cole’s Herbal Jock Itch Treatment was created by a Naturopathic doctor after 20 years of successfully working with patients suffering from fungus related infections like Athlete’s Foot, Toenail Fungus and Jock Itch. After years of experience, she discovered that employing a natural, Ayurvedic approach towards healing these skin and nail irritations was more effective than using chemical medications, or other pharmaceutical products that are toxic to the human body.
  • WHY IT IS BETTER: Unlike most anti-fungal products currently on the market, all of Dr. Cole’s products are formulated with organic, wildcrafted ingredients and essential oils from nature that are not harmful to the body, yet very effective for the killing fungus that causes jock itch. SEE INGREDIENT LIST IN THE PHOTOS ABOVE OR IN THE DESCRIPTION BELOW.
  • INSIDE THE PACKAGE: (1) A metal tin with twist off cap: easy to use. (2) A “Starter Tips” insert: explains how to use the Jock Itch Balm properly along with good habits for getting rid of jock itch fungus and keeping it at bay after the fungus is gone. It also tells how Dr. Cole’s ointments and soaking salts work together to kill fungus naturally.
  • PROBLEM: Conventional formulations for jock itch, that contain synthetic compounds or chemicals, can destroy delicate, skin tissure and cause toxic reactions over time. SOLUTION: Use only organic or wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible to protect your body and support its ability to heal itself, as nature intended it to do.
  • PURCHASE IN GOOD FAITH: We stand behind this product. There is a 30-day money back guarantee, and a 1-year replacement warranty on every Dr. Cole’s product sold on Amazon.

THE PROBLEM – Have you ever looked at the list of chemical ingredients in your standard jock itch fungus treatment? Applying unnatural chemicals to those sensitive, private areas allows toxins to seep past the skin barrier into the circulatory system to be pumped throughout the body. THE SOLUTION – Looking for something different? Dr. Cole’s Jock Itch Remedy is formulated with organic, wildcrafted and essential oil ingredients from nature. It is safe for your body while also being very effectiv

List Price: $ 19.95

Price: $ 19.95

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