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3000 Watt CB Linear Amplifier

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This home brew amp put out 3KW the first time it was fired up. After tuning and a few mods it eventually did 5KW on the 11 meter CB band. It was created for mobile use! The rig? A 1963 Ford pickup with a small block chevy under the hood, a Dodge rear axle and a datsun 4Cyl engine in the bed to run the 12KW Genset that powered the AMP. The only thing in the cab was a basic Cobra 40 Channel CB. There was a remote start for the 4Cyl genny and the amp could be online within a minute or so. The driver amp was a solid state 500 Watt brick if I recall correctly. The output tube was an Eimac 3CX5000. Video was shot May 19th 1989.

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Frame MiniTec MTB front Subframe MiniTec flip front fiberglass hood Suspension & Wheels 13×6 MSW Minilight Wheels with 175 50 13 tires Wood and Picket wheel arches from England GAZ 40 way adjustable shocks front and rear MiniTec front Springs, height adjustable HiLo type Rear springs, height adjustable MiniTec front heim joint control arms — fully adjustable camber, caster and toe S Racer rear fully adjustable camber/caster setup Engine Honda Civic SiR B16A Buddy Club Spec III VTEC cams Buddy Club dual valve springs AEM adjustable cam gears Rebuilt head with all new valve guides and seals with 3 angle valve job. BLOX short run intake manifold (also needed to clear the firewall) Custom Intake arm with filter OBX stainless steel exhaust header MSD high silicon ignition wires Hondata 3000 VTEC computer chip. Transmission S80, 1999 5 Speed Acura GSR Transmission with smooth engagement in all gears (no grinding) Quaife Limited Slip Differential Upgraded 4.05 final Drive — rolls at 70mph at 3500 RPM — Very STREETABLE and hits VTEC at around 5500 RPM. Interior Skunk2 short shift kit B&M shift cover and base Momo Indy wood steering wheel from Japan (VERY RARE) Quick release steering wheel adaptor Acura Integra TypeR (ITR) front seats in GREAT condition (VERY RARE) Stewart Warner Speedo, Tach (10k limit), Water Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure and Fuel Level Re upholstered rear seats, door panels, deck lid, dash and a NEW headliner SRacer peddles (gas, clutch, brake) Honda ignition

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  1. Vashtwingun2001:

    ? I’m a ham of 30+ Years and have never broken the power rules, In fact” 20 to 50 watts is all I need to work the entire world.

  2. stepoff60:

    If you think? hams don’t break the 1500 watt PEP rule- you are sadly mistaken. Happens every day.

    Stick that in your ham hock- Hypocrite.

  3. matt9c1:

    Loudmouth cussing CB criminals…blah, blah,? blah

  4. matt9c1:

    Shining your flashlight into the air doesn’t interfere with other flashlight users tens or hundreds of miles away. Interference administration is the big reason for needing a license. If everybody just did what they damn well pleased, the RF portion of the electromagnetic spectrum would be useless. The FCC puts radio users in their little? chunk of the spectrum for a reason, and with limits. If y our unhappy with the FCC rules, your welcome to move to another country that is a bit relaxed.

  5. cobrachoppergirl:

    Choppergirl Part 1 says I can use all the? power I want, and I am polite about it and not step on other people’s signal.

  6. cobrachoppergirl:

    Air waves are free for everybody to use. I don’t need a licence to shine a flashlight into the air at the stars at night, and I don’t need no licence to transmit a radio signal in the ether. Both are exactly the same thing, electromagnetic radiation, just on different? frequencies. It never ceases to amaze me how ready and willing humans are to seek some authority to fear and obey, even when they’ve never even met them in their life. You are your own authority.

  7. mikeofborg2:

    (cont) of 11 meter RF can be dangerous not just for the operator, but also for people? around them. Imagine if you are sitting in your care and some kid comes up and grabs your antenna or gets near it and ends up with RF burns on their hands. Or you interfer with a emergency service radio system and prevent paramedics from getting to the proper location. If you run CBs, do so legally. If you want to run more power take the amateur radio test and get on HF with us, we’d welcome you.

  8. mikeofborg2:

    When you start getting close to the VHF bands amateur radio operators are required to do an enviromental survey. For 10 meters it is required if we run more than 500 watts. We have to dertermine RF exposure around the antenna and determine the safe distances for operation. When we get into the higher bands like 2 meters we have to do the survey if we run? more that 50 watts, because RF exposure (especially with direction antennas) can cause health issues. Being in a car with 3000 watts (cont)

  9. mikeofborg2:

    (Cont) required to carry on a QSO with the other operator. I found that having a good solid antenna (I use an inverted L with about 25 ground radials) makes a world of difference along with good feedline. 100? Watts is generally more than enough power to carry on a QSO is conditions are good. That being said; CB is still supposed to be a local radio service for communications up to 10 miles. They allow the 150 miles just incase of propagation being uncontrollable by the operator.

  10. mikeofborg2:

    That is true, but it doesn’t change? the fact that the Citizens Band Radio Service is limited to on 5 Watts AM and 12 Watts SSB. The FCC doesn’t care how clean the signal is, you are still not supposed to talk to anyone beyond 150 miles. I also used to CB before I got my amateur radio license (Call W8MLD). I didn’t see any reason to run more on CB than I was legally allowed. As an amateur now I barely ever turn on my amp, because FCC Part 97 says we should use only the max power (Cont)

  11. stepoff60:

    Belly aching hams… Blah, blah, blah.. ?

  12. battaryal:

    You guys are ALL a bunch of amature “mud ducks” as we used to say. I have talked around the world on 5, yes 5 watts. I have QSL cards from 23 different countries, all worked with a HOME MADE dipole antenna. I have mabye 300 bucks in my? rig, 100 of that was for good co ax. Study up on your antenna design, and you’ll see less is more. N3KSZ

  13. peterwo2e:

    i do agree hams also run illegal power but they are more responsible about their emission they make sure the signal is at? least clean. CB guys don’t give a shit how many frequencies they screw up.

  14. bunker2k1:

    Whats so funny mike is i know tons of cbrs who r hams also, and dont think for one second all hams run legal power, i know better and have seen them running 5kw or more.i know one ham running 7 kw now so dont think hams r better? then cbrs do your home work. have you read the reports? on QST about hams being busted for interfearing with police and fire services? or get big fines for running over the power limit? we r all human and do things we shouldnt.its a hobby so dont loose any sleep over it

  15. bunker2k1:

    Whats so funny mike is i know tons of cbrs who r hams also, and dont think for one second all hams run legal power, i know better and have seen them running 5kw or more.i know one ham running 7 kw now so dont think hams r better then cbrs do your home work. have you read the reports on QST about hams being busted for interfearing with police and fire services? or get big fines for running? over the power limit? we r all human and do things we shouldnt.its a hobby so dont loose any sleep over it

  16. bunker2k1:

    Well ill agree on a few points you made, yes some run dirty signals, but nowhere neer what you may think. many cbrs i know run ham? amps.and many run nice clean audio, so dont pool all cbrs in one box. thats what makes many hams fools becasue they think (all) cbrs run trashy sounding radios. I happen to be both ham & cber. i run a clean station that has no more RF going out than your ham eqt. Did you know many cbrs use ham rigs to transmit? so why must you put “all” cbers in the same box?

  17. 1903A3shooter:

    Yep run the thing to max? power with the top off the P.A. stage, no shielding no brains no ticket brain cancer dont hurt much, well not for long anyhow. So stick you tong in there good buddy.

  18. kabam5550:

    You polish a turd.? , you still have a turd .

  19. kabam5550:

    Woulda coulda shoulda?

  20. Jason Sweet:

    how do you amplify? a linear dc circuit signal?

  21. VIGILANT52:

    Copy that… no substitute for having an antenna at 8 or 9,000? ft. elevation with 100 watts.

  22. MrDragonlrd:

    try hitting 10kw of RF, then the RF exposure will rid the world of? you faster

  23. peterwo2e:

    too much money to invest in a box that? is limited, puts out a dirty signal, sounds horrible on ssb. would not last the next 2 years without repair. confine to just one segment of the spectrum.
    but i guess to say just a few words 300 miles away is perfect,,

  24. psychosquirrel22:

    A 3kW power? amp on a CB is a waste of electricity and time and money. To those that say Oh the FCC doesn’t monitor CB much anymore, you’re right. However, the Amateur radio operators do and report violators to the FCC. A few radio direction finding techniques and a few hours listening to unauthorized traffic “bleeding” over to licensed bands and you will get caught. Just read some of the FCC letters sent out to persons operating illegal CBs and other equipment causing harmful interference.

  25. Michael Hartmann:

    The biggest of amps won’t help your signal if we’re having bad propagation
    and most of the ‘magic’ is in the? antenna not the power amp. LOL
    be careful not to KILL yourself or someone else with that booger..
    -sincere remark-

  26. dEEjAY0229:

    Did you build it? yourself??

  27. wakr2:

    So? clean!!!

  28. d00d00dumb87:

    I like that deep tone vtec. Cracks? pretty hard too.

  29. FlowingScreenz:

    Nice car dude !?

  30. Whitedevo:

    I got lots of questions for ya I’m in saskatchewan? canada add me on facebook I got a vtec mini aswell bill soucess

  31. OzParkPilot:

    Man she goes !! Love it. Check out my channel for my classic Works cooper ;-)?

  32. govtecmini:

    check out minimania dotcom they have all of the kits to start off with to do the swap and all. It took over 8 years to get this? baby to where it is now but it was worth every $ and second. I am not selling it currently but would be willing to take 35K for it if anyone was looking.

  33. arsenal14forlife:

    welldeon for taking time to state all the parts you put in, if i want to do something similar where do i? start from, and if you intended to sell this beast how much would it go for?

  34. govtecmini:

    For sure my friend look through my videos I have a qtr mile run on here going back to the track when it heats up more because at night when it cooled down the? LSD was throwin me all over

  35. austin5922:

    Nice car man.? Any 1/4 mile times?

  36. govtecmini:

    haha yea thanks man I? love that sound!

  37. shakeholiday4u:

    Vtec cracked? hella hard!

  38. sharpshot411:

    I could have sworn i was watching pauly shores drive. ?

  39. Rich Gilberto:

    Okay,? your interior is gorgeous. Where did you get your dash rail covers?

  40. govtecmini:

    Still have it? and will most likely be able to keep it now =)

  41. emacemacii:

    I can’t believe you are selling this beauty of yours. ?

  42. govtecmini:

    Indeed I? do and yea I changed the final drive from the high 4s to 4.05 =)

  43. kjplive:

    Gorgeous car, do you still have it? I imagine if I were to do this swap I? would take a 5th gear cog from a taller geared transmission to have a more enjoyable drive at highway speeds. Pretty sure 5th gear from an LS Integra transmission fits right in with no troubles.

  44. englandman2008:

    least he’s? sat on the correct side of the wonderful sounding mini …cant imagine driving a left hand drive one :S

  45. englandman2008:

    i was thinking the same…the mini isnt full of roll cage,witch is good ,people in their saxo’s laughing at the little? mini but left speechless and shocked when it takes off ! haa

  46. rsalas801:

    nice? vtec sound !!

  47. TheDjdude94:

    is it hard shifting with your left? hand instead of your right?

  48. minimoke8394:

    Gorgeous interior, I like how you’ve? upgraded the performance massively but still left the classic charm of the Mini. Is what I’d do if I were to ever convert mine.

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