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Astro Van 500 Watt Pumpkin Sound System – Distance Test

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More pics here: Last year, i built a ported “box” out of a pumpkin, this year, i decided to do a fully contained sound system (everything except the battery is built in). Kenwood deck, Soundigital Nano-250 watt amps (one on woofers, one on mids/highs), Rockford Fosgate Pro Audio speakers, Rockford Fosgate 8″ subwoofer and of course, an SMD VU-Din. This thing actually sounds pretty damn good! Too bad it will be a rotten mess before anyone besides a few people gets to hear it. Today we tried it out in my Astro Van 😀 Happy Halloween 2012 to all reading this description. Stay safe out there! other links: Facebook Page here: Follow my tweet here:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Posted December 2nd, 2012 in 500 Watt On Line. Tagged: , , , , , , .



    Sad attempt brother, sad attempt.?

  2. IsOMoDd:

    But the question? is… will it blend???!?

  3. dahempstrika:

    are? u fucking kidding me ? 😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. modsquad1232:

    make? fiberglass bumpkin boxes

  5. jayholley123:

    what battery is that seems to bump for so long with 2 amps on !?

  6. kilabush035:

    i never? seen nothing like that.

  7. WantedxGaming2013:

    thats? crazzy how far he walked if i had them people could here it all the way to the next block or farther

  8. Jermaine Crutchfield:

    Kenwood? KDC-HD545U?

  9. liro213:

    works? for me, prolly sounds better then the average car lol

  10. Babycute82:

    This is? genius but hella funny! LMFAO

  11. 1Elmos1:

    Do you have any ideas: D?

  12. MrRc9:

    Then it wouldnt be a true? pumpkin sound system… then someone else woulda got the idea and stole the impressive feat steve made

  13. 5thr3hoe:

    whats the SONG? AT 1:00?!?!?!

  14. lniew:

    shoulda used some false pumpkins. they wouldn’t rot. and they’d still look cool, if? they’d work.

  15. crustylion321:


  16. AlexExter07:

    B-Legit – Stickem ?

  17. dan7436:

    cool man?

  18. swag4Mo:

    You’re using a good camera?

  19. newballin:

    Hey Steve I know you know sound, what are? the best headphones that you’ve ever used??

  20. rileyblizzard2:

    b? legit stickem

  21. brod2504:

    Dude u? stole my deck lol I love my Kenwood

  22. DILLON0999:

    The internet? is a harsh place. I never make those mistakes. That was once-in-a-blue-moon. and I have gotten sooooooo much shit for it hahahaha

  23. shukiikuhs:

    Funny thing is.. It actually? sounds good.

  24. powl4711:

    that “you’re” made me almost bleed out? of my eyes.. YOUR! it means YOUR car. nope, he’s not a car!

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