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Complete Mercury Dime/Winged Liberty Head Set.

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This video was recorded on May 3, 2008. This is a video of my complete Mercury Dime set. These coins are also known as Winged Liberty Head Dimes. This is the complete collection and includes the 1921’s, the 1916-D, and the 1942/41 variety. The first page is a strict VG set and the last page is Unc except for the 1942/41.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. TheQuicksterOya:

    @lawnsausages? LMFAO!

  2. MilhausMN:

    Actually I take that back, it’s not? just nice this is an epic dime collection. Probably one of the best in the country.

  3. MilhausMN:

    It’s beautiful, very nice.?

  4. TheHotRod1961:

    Wow Rob,that 42 over 1 is worth about 6 to 800.And the shine on the 1937 S was real nice.I really enjoy all? your videos!!

  5. lawnsausages:

    @furyfigueroa1753 This is too sad. I have to be careful what I say here. I watched your video, that and your aggression makes it pretty clear what is going on in your life. You are being bullied. You are small for 15 (my 13 year old is bigger) and no doubt a target for? the big kids. I hope your parents are aware of what is going on if not you should tell them and get the help you need. Some kids have a growth spurt at this point you could grow 2″ a year and end up 5′ 6″, that would be great. G/L

  6. furyfigueroa1753:

    @lawnsausages classic bully?wtf ur trying to make ur self look smart?buy trying to play off as on of those guys ‘you know im out of ur league’ guys,and btw i dont need a fucking job dumb ass im 15 years old i dont need to worry about that shit and maybe u r an old fuck living with ur mother?are u?well? all i said in the beginning was bullshit, cuz i mean who the hell finds a 1916-d in change….no one!so screw u guys im going home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA UR A BITCH

  7. lawnsausages:

    @furyfigueroa1753 I’m not surprised, classic bully. Give a little push to test the reaction, then realizing you’re way out of your leauge you try to make it look like the other person started it. Did you learn anything? I doubt it. I have time if you want to continue looking stupid, or you could be smart and go back down to the basement? and play video games, kill stuff that’ll make you feel better. Mom will bring you a PB & J later, no crusts. Pssssttt… she wants you to find a job and get out.

  8. furyfigueroa1753:

    @michaelslammer who the fuck cares about? uk coins?

  9. furyfigueroa1753:

    @moleman1961only 264,000? were minted that is a very low mintage….

  10. furyfigueroa1753:

    @ExoticCalli like $1000 u know u can look it up online,all of these people ask these questions when there is a? thing called GOOGLE!

  11. furyfigueroa1753:

    @CochraneTeam i will give u $2?

  12. furyfigueroa1753:

    @lawnsausages bitch i dont have time for this bullshit on youtube, think about it? ur fighting ON YOUTUBE wtf….really?suck a dick and die bitch!

  13. lawnsausages:

    @furyfigueroa1753? I will use small words and talk slow for you… I was hoping that you could put up a good fight.That we could have a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed and a nitwit. Here I will save you the trouble of looking up nitwit in the dictionary, I am sure it is hard for you (hope I’m talking slow enough.)
    ? ?[nit-wit]

    a slow-witted, stupid, or foolish person.

  14. furyfigueroa1753:

    @lawnsausages wow? u just made no fucking sense!at all!

  15. lawnsausages:

    @furyfigueroa1753 No actually a lawn sausage is dog shit. But anyway, is it the onset of Tourettes or do you take umbrage in? something you know nothing about and just like to interject yourself or maybe you are jealous of the laptop and this cool executive’s chair I spent the money on? I kmow! you’re the Indian dude! SUCKER!

  16. furyfigueroa1753:

    @lawnsausages? bullshit!

  17. furyfigueroa1753:

    @italianicebutterfly it worth its value in silver that coins mintage is 159.1 million!so is a VERY? common date its worth around $3 but if he gets ur kid gets into it now by the time be is an adult he will have a pretty nice collection ive be doing to since i was 8 so ive been doing it for 7 year now!and there is no letter under the date mark and the letter would be a mint mark and it is in the back of the coin…but there is the designers initials on top of the date.good luck

  18. Catherine10031:

    Nice collection?

  19. italianicebutterfly:

    Wow, I have a Liberty Dime from the 1945 year! I wonder what it’s worth is? And can anyone? tell me what the letter under the year stands for, I forgot? Well, I hope the little coin collection I started as a child may have some value in it? =)

  20. TheHotRod1961:

    i enjoy seeing all your videos,because? they are very historical.

  21. pennysarecute2:

    @robmarlowe you should put that 1916 d in a? more protected place

  22. Skyman2596:

    You should definitely? get the 1916 d certified.

  23. CookieOnMyShoulder:

    you should keep that all in a giant? safe

  24. lawnsausages:

    I recently got a Mercury dime in change at a liqour store, the clerk was an Indian dude who spoke little English,? I saw there a Merc in the change he handed me and he says…oh so sorry thats Canadian, I said thats ok…. I walk out and looked at it and was stunned to find it was a 16-D in very good condition…did a little happy dance…sold it to a local coin shop for $1300.00

  25. CochraneTeam:

    Calvin_yap82@yahoo (dot) com
    i want sale my liberty coin 1799
    email me for? the best price

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