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Find The Lowest Price HERE .9999 silver or 99.99(4×9’s) silver is exactly the same silver purity. Buying Purity matters when dealing with anything in life and SAME goes for Precious Metals. But right now because Canada is so small of a population and most investors aren’t aware the purity factor…
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  1. superhawkn:

    Yes why Maples,grizzlys,cougars,moose are best. ASE’s owned a few and quickly got rid of? them

  2. connectingdots1:

    99.9% silver (.999 fine) has total allowable impurities of 1000 ppm,
    99.99% silver (.9999 fine) has total allowable impurities of 100 ppm,
    99.999% silver (.99999? fine) has total allowable impurities of 10 ppm

    ASE’s = 99.9 silver = impurities of 1000 ppm
    CML’s = 99.99 silver = impurities of 100 ppm
    making CML 10 X more pure than ASE
    Yet sell for less & fetch HIGHER resell value than ASE’s
    They’re MORE PURE & soon Cdn $ will be worth more than USD so $5 face value indicator of Devaluation coming!

  3. yaahme:

    @JesusDillinger Wrong!

    You? are confusing spotting corrosion or tarnishing with that being synonymous with “fakes” LOL!

    Re read the post and go get an education in Silver purity and Mathematics.

    Connect…correctly spelled it out. Since you don’t believe him either, good luck 😉

  4. connectingdots1:

    @DontTread0nMe1776 Sorry but I don’t buy silver for the Pretty pictures &neither do I spend time looking at them or the Queens Face!
    I buy CML’s BECAUSE the are the WORLD’s PUREST Gov. minted coins which happen to be EXACTLY 10 X MORE PURE than ASE’s.
    Go read thread in “show more” box as I’ve postedJUST SOME of my research proving I’m correct.
    Besides, Royal Silver Ripp-off Company sells their rounds for more than? you can get CML’s which r Gov minted coins!
    Rounds are for kids

  5. yaahme:

    As I said, some of my ASE’s are spotted with corrosion – which is from the copper in them at the surface. The copper corrodes or tarnishes or oxidizes as we all know while pure Silver will not – this is the point of the Video connect…posted.
    ASE’s are 10 times less pure than Mapes and I have real examples of visible evidence as to the truth of this.
    Don’t get me wrong though, I know my ASE’s? are Authentic and as near to 100% pure as most mints produce, however, NOT 100% PURE.

  6. DontTread0nMe1776:

    @connectingdots1 Actually the ASE’s are 99.93% pure vs the CML’s 99.99%, but the ASE weighs heavy to make sure you get your full troy ounce of silver plus a little copper, no big deal. If you want purity you should check out some of the Royal Silver? Company’s “Andean Cat” rounds 99.999% pure but they are not legal tender like the coins. I think the ASE will always be preferred in America. The maple leaf side of the CML is pretty, but the queen’s head is UGLY, and they are prone to spotting.

  7. JesusDillinger:

    @yaahme Your ASEs are not corroded. They may well be tarnished, but? Ag is a noble metal and will not corrode, even if left in salt water for centuries.

    If you have corroded ASEs, they are counterfeits.

  8. mispistoleros:

    @connectingdots1, yeah, in Dec, if i remember correctly, $2,500 minimum. thanks for the links. i checked many websites and colonialacres was one that i bookmarked.? cheers…

  9. connectingdots1:

    @mispistoleros “they now raised it $2500 minimum purchases”
    just 2 yrs ago KITCO allowed purchases of ANY amount. As I continued to order over the course? of many months, they slowly changed all their RULES!
    At fist you could pay with money orders,then they only allowed ONE money order, then they only allowed minimum $1000 purchases, they then stopped allowing direct bank payment, & now ONLY allow $2500 silver purchases?

    buy below

  10. connectingdots1:

    @JesusDillinger The link is in the “show more” tab, just click on show more and you’ll? see the links there.
    Also, ASE’s are already watered down/debased.
    At the beginning of video, he mentions how folks back then wanted 100% pure silver, nothing less.
    Turns out CML’s are 10 TIMES MORE PURE than ASE’s, have LESS Impurities and fetch a HIGHER RESELL Value than ASE’s!
    Do You want Regular gas for High prices or High octane gas for cheaper?
    Wiset Chinese investors also seek CML’s !

  11. yaahme:

    True. Some of my ASE’s have developed a few spots of corrosion on them – I am so disappointed in that.

    However, my CSMapes have not and are very nice and shiny like one would expect ;)?

  12. JesusDillinger:

    @connectingdots1 dude, i was totally unable to use your link. please run it? through tinyurl . com

  13. ShillBasher:

    An interesting upload, CD. Well done.

    I personally much prefer Maples to any other 1 Oz silver bullion coin for the following reasons:
    They’re Coins, not rounds or art bars etc’
    They’re cheaper than any other Coin
    They’re purer (99.99%) than any other Coin
    They’re Coins of the Realm (they have the Queens head on) so are world renowned.
    They have nothing to do with the USA.

    Your maths are way off with saying that they’re 10x more pure than? ASE’s (how?) but I agree they’re a better investment

  14. mysciencenow:

    @mispistoleros? just raise 5k and do it!!

  15. mispistoleros:

    @ATAndrewTanya, American Silver Eagle…i think.
    Do any? reputable Canadian companies allow smaller purchases paid by bank cheque? There’s a KITCO in my city but they raised the minimum purchase to $2,500. Thanks for any info…

  16. Silveready1:

    what a great comparison -thanks for this? video!

  17. commandorando123:


  18. ATAndrewTanya:

    whats? ASE?
    history always repeat

  19. connectingdots1:

    Canadian Silver Maple Leafs 10 TIMES MORE PURE than ASE’s,” A Smart? choice”
    ht tp://w w wDOTrealistnewsDOTnet/Thread-canadian-silver-maple-leafs-10-times-more-pure-than-ase-s-a-smart-choice

    drop by this site, where I blog and learn more about .9999 silver coins and a whole lot more on silver!…medical, industrial, investment advice, ect

    See you there soon and beware of the Trolls attacking me for telling folks the truth…it comes with the territory of being a truther so beware of them.

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