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i want a 1000 watt amp but i dont know what brand of amp to buy.?

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Question by dave: i want a 1000 watt amp but i dont know what brand of amp to buy.?
im gonna be pushing two 12 inch “daul” speakers. there 550 watts each but i think a 1000 watt amp will be fine. but im wondering what brand of amp i should buy.soo they sound good . PLUS so my system hits hard. OH and i dont have to much money to be spending. soo a good but not to much money amp.

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Answer by Magley64…SF
you’re already running generic speakers, just get a generic amp, you really won’t notice the difference…

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  1. sparky3489:

    You better save up….

    If your total system power is 1000 watts RMS or more, you will need to:

    1. Upgrade the alternator to a high output alternator
    2. Upgrade to a heavy duty deep cycle battery
    3. Upgrade the “Big 3” – that is to replace the power wire between the battery and alternator, the ground from the battery to the chassis and the ground strap from the engine/tranny to the chassis with at least 1/0 AWG wire.

    Failure to do this will result in you replacing them anyway as the alternator will eventually fail.

    Here is a guide that will calculate what size alternator and power wires you need

    A second battery is never a good idea as it’s an added strain on the alternator to charge two batteries AND supply power for the car. The ONLY time a second battery is useful is if the audio system is to be used with the car off.

    A cap is only good so far as the audio system isn’t trying to pull too much from the electrical system. A cap doesn’t provide more power, it’s designed to ‘stiffen’ the voltage to the amp, nothing esle. If the current isn’t there, a cap won’t help. The alternator must have at least 20% more amperage power than the entire vehicle and sound system combined for a cap to be of benefit which is ironically the same requirements for an amp to be efficient.

    See my site for more info



    Something to consider…this is an example…

    To calculate the current draw of an amplifier, multiply the number of channels by the RMS watts per channel (a mono amp rated at 1000 watts RMS). Double it to account for amplifier inefficiency (1000 watts X 2 = 2000 watts), then divide by the average output voltage of an alternator, 13.8 volts (2000 divided by 13.8 = 144 amps). Since the average music signal requires about 1/3rd of the average power in a test tone, divide by 3 (144 amps divided by 3 = 48.3 amps).

    This is an average approximation of current draw and can go higher. So I would gather between 72 and 144 amperes for this system.

    Calculate 40% of the amperes of the alternator you have now. This is the average current the car uses when running. Add this number to the approximate average current draw of the amps, and you will come up with the mimimum average current required to power the audio system AND vehicle accessories. I would recommend going with the next highest rated alternator you can find.

    If the number you come up with is the same as what your alternator supplies, you need to take no action.

  2. rockyfella25:

    Rockford fos gate or jl audio

  3. flea:

    The ..I dont have to much money, usually comes after the install…. and there is no such animal as a good but not to much money amp…but most people can’t tell quality just …how loud.

  4. handicappimpin88:

    you do not need to upgrade all that stuff that spakry34 said. if its only 1000 watts ur fine. hifonics make good amps for pretty cheap. or check on ebay

  5. Devon S:

    a true 1000 watt amp will blow the living shit out of 2 duals they are really a 200 watt rms sub each. i had 2 for my car and i had a 400 watt kenwood bridgable amp hit real good and the amp was at a good price

  6. charles k:

    crunch is a good brand to run with these subs and here is one i would recommend.

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