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To be told more approximately Kaplan University’s on-line Nursing level programs, please visit: on-line. Kaplan college nursing alum Debra Eppley was already running in the nursing box when she started her RN-to-Bachelor of science in Nursing finishing touch program (RN-to-BSN program). Kaplan University’s flexibility and support offered her the opportunity to whole her degree on-line while continuing to work. Once she completed her Bachelor of Science Nursing online, she was in a position to make a occupation move that not only increased her salary, but also her level of job satisfaction. Kaplan university makes taking online nursing classes a streamlined process. Every day nurses choose Kaplan University for their online master’s degree techniques. The distance learning curriculum makes a nursing degree obtainable for working professionals. Nursing as a career is a rewarding occupation that could permit for a wide range of employment opportunities beyond the hospital doors.* The Kaplan University School of Nursing offers online nursing levels such as an the RN-to- BSN completion program, the RN-to-MSN option, and nurse practitioner certificate programs† to help get you where you want to be. Nursing techniques at Kaplan University, including the MSN programs online, are designed for nurses that are already in the field. It’s this unique approach that sets Kaplan University apart. *Kaplan University’s programs are designed to prepare graduates to pursue employment in their

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  1. hross233:

    and don’t forget? ur money, then when u get out u can move up the ladder by a few cents that the economy eats up as prices rise

  2. ilEameexscaHerminia:

    it’s great to see a working mom go? back to school. especially with such a demanding career as nursing.

  3. dirtytaters1:

    it’s cool to see kaplan students commenting on this video. i really enjoyed watching? this and reading the comments

  4. dirtygoose101:

    great production on this video. you can tell she really? loves her job and what she does.

  5. databiscuit:

    this is a great? video. very inspiring. it shows you what hard work and persistence can add to your life.

  6. jboozalis:

    :)? aw what a happy story!

  7. JimTuttle19:

    There is a reason people in their 30s and 40s didn’t go back to school 15+ years ago. Grading Policies are not what they used to be.?

  8. emsingleton84able:

    Thank you:) I enjoyed watching your story. It is very inspirational. Nursing for me is a passion and I am currently working on my associates. I have two children ages 8 and 5 and I am years.? Nursing is hard, but with inspiration and prayer it makes it all worth it in the end. Thank you

  9. xMyaxMassacrex:


  10. magickunderpants:

    College of? Nursing.

  11. xMyaxMassacrex:

    What does this? mean(CON)? My mom has her ASN and I’ve just made the decision t ogo to school for nursing but she is telling me to get my BSN bc more and more hospitals are now requiring a BSN?

  12. KottonKandi77:

    This video has encouraged me to keep seeking my dreams. As a KU online undergraduate, I will do just that. Congratulations, Debra to your road? of success!

  13. ninetiez:

    What a marvelous job on the video production! MAjor props! And for Debra Eppley, congrats for making it! You’ve inspire me even more to become a nurse. I also plan on going to Kaplan? as well!

  14. tribizvid:

    Great Video. Check Out Mine About Patient? Scrubs. The Hospital Gown Alternative That Doctors & Nurses Love. Thanks

  15. magickunderpants:

    I have a BSN from a top 50 CON and can not get a job graduated two years ago. Every hospital advertises that they want BSN level nurses in my? area.

  16. Lacole360:

    I am a current Kaplan Graduate student in BS in Management and? this is very inspirational!!! Great Video!!

  17. Nightbird:

    There are NO online programs to obtain your ASSOCIATES nursing degree. The only ones available online are for people who already have an associates? degree in nursing and want a Bachelors, Masters or PhD.

    If you know of an online degree for an Associates in Nursing, then post a link, because I could not find one after searching for hours on Google.

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