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Marvel Ultimate Comics #1s – X-Men & Spider-Man – Comic Review

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Brand new Spider-Man and X-Men #1s are like nothing you’ve seen before! Marvel’s Ultimate universe has been turned upside down. Peter Parker is dead, the X-Men are underground, and nothing is as it was. With the launch of the new #1s on both titles, is Marvel ruining what was once great, or blazing a bold new trail? Jeff, Dan, and Alex discuss the new books to hip you to why now might be the most exciting time in comics.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is a video of some of the issues of Amazing Spider-man that I have aquired over my 25+ years of collecting comics.

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Posted February 27th, 2012 in Spiderman Comic. Tagged: , , , , , , .


  1. 44excalibur:

    This is why I was? against the Ultimates titles from the beginning in 2000. Having two seperate Marvel universes only created confusion among new fans and division among older ones. And the media was no help at all, declaring “Peter Parker Dead” and replaced by “Half Black-Half Hispanic Miles Morales” without specifying that the Ultimates was an alternate reality and that Peter Parker was still alive in the main Marvel universe. Look at all the hysteria that caused. Talk about irresponsible!

  2. yujibobyt:

    As a long time marvel fan (more than 50 years). I will now be boycotting anything Marvel until they drop the fine on the true creator of Ghost Rider and cut him in on the profits from this franchise. Marvel you suck. Where is the hero at Marvel Inc.? Just greedy business as usual. It’s like a bunch of bullies in a sand box. A real fine example to the kids out there on? how to steal. Shame on you Marvel.

  3. roughy762004:

    @cdhrusso72 don’t forget the rainbow trail he leaves? in his wake when flying

  4. angelblake20:

    what a bunch of horse? shit!

  5. cdhrusso72:

    Blade is black, Spiderman is white… Period!! Next thing you know superman is gay fliying in pink tights? with his insignia being a vibrator… MAKE NEW HEROES and leave the good ones alone!!!

  6. epilogue7000:

    @BM8709 Apocalypse is from another dimension, and Wolverine was maybe one of the first mutants? Or? maybe he’s from a different dimension too, because he’s Cable in the Ultimate Universe.

  7. KukiwearsGucci:

    @RomeoCo they recently started selling the old Ultimate Spider-man comics? in volumes, for each volume there are at least 12 issues (:

  8. RomeoCo:

    @RomeoCo In the Ultimate Universe? Wolverine is actually the first mutant.

  9. RomeoCo:

    @BM8709 Well simple, Ultimate Wolverine isn’t as old as regular wolverine,? and Apocalypse just is from the future or something… I would need to reread the Apocalypse storyline again to be sure. But the Ultimate Universe is quite different the the Marvel Universe.

  10. RomeoCo:

    @londonacid1 Yeah, thats what it’s looking? like I am going to have to do, unless by chance one of my cities libraries has them.

  11. londonacid1:

    Blonde guy on? the end has never read a comic.

  12. londonacid1:

    @RomeoCo Download it in a torrent.? the best way to go.

  13. BM8709:

    I’m confused? as to how this storyline will make sense? If the Government created the x-gene then how did mutants like Apocalypse and Wolverine come to be considering they pre-date the government?

  14. RomeoCo:

    I’ve been perusing the used book stores trying to get the old Ultimate Universe stuff, got my hands on all of X-Men and Fantastic Four, but I really cant find any of the old Ultimate Spider-Man stuff. I want? to get caught up with the Ultimate universe, because I am previously only familiar with The Ultimates.

  15. jeffhardyxmaria4:

    it should be spiderboy? now

  16. CoD4faNs1:

    why miles go to the mephisto? and bring peter back

  17. 73Twilightzone:

    Collecting? all new Spiderman comics and xmen comics!

  18. ssj49er80:

    Both? spider man and xmen new series are awesome!!! I’m collecting them both now and I’m not a full out comic reader!!! 😀

  19. IngoGarza:

    @rams321 Cant people just have an open mind for once when it? comes to reboots?

  20. rams321:

    u 3 are morons, thatguywiththe glasses .com /videolinks /linkara /at4w /30958-ultimatum-1-2? , says everything i have to say about the shitty writting in the ultimate series. everyone that actually likes this piece of crap series needs to be shot to death.

  21. RODNEY383:

    @rapmantamer Your right,I knew it was? a Latin name 🙂

  22. rapmantamer:

    @RODNEY383 You sure? I mean I have the game but I and I love the 2099 franchise but I’m sure it was Miguel o’ Hara

  23. RODNEY383:

    I think people forget that in the Spiderman Shattered Dimensions ( Ps3 /360/Wii Game ) Miles was the Spiderman in the 2099 alternate universe.Peter went to Miles universe to work with him .So really the? character has been in the public for those who played the games. He is kinda young tho but maybe that ,makes for more story.

  24. villen86:

    Miles Morales is? a 13 yr old half-Black, half-Hispanic, kid. They are covering a pretty wide base with that combo.

  25. TheManlyFilms:

    miles is 13 and? in 8th grade..want more action than another origin, some is good of course but i want more of a different story arc to emerge soon.

  26. Bay6Print:

    Nice collection !!?

  27. misaelarechiga:

    Go to ebay and type in captain america Vol. 1 # 100 there is a signed comic by? stan lee!

  28. paddy110287:

    I’m going to start reading comic..didn’t know where to? start so I’ll start at Spiderman.

  29. ghosthunter5656:

    Cool collection bro!!?

  30. aliciadom:

    I just finished my comic catalog and would like to mail it to you if your interested. All from my personal collection and alot for? a buck each

  31. jeetkunedo96:

    you never read your comics you just collect? them
    is a stupid think to do

  32. muttersoehnchen100:

    hi ,
    what would you buy ? asm 300 in 9.6? for 180usd or asm 122 in 7.5 for 134usd

  33. legoblakenerfman:

    ,i have a number 1 wolverien comic and a number 1, 2, 3 ,4 5 spawn comic how much do you thank? it would cost

  34. kevinjt4:

    It be a chore for me to post my ASM collection. #1-300 complete would take forever? to film… and I’m not just talking low grade or reader copies. The average of my collection would be in the low high 8’s to low 9’s.

  35. kevinjt4:

    ASM #1 isn’t that rare; eBay has more than 25 copies for sale in all sorts? of different grades.

  36. kevinjt4:

    @kockyspidey If you haven’t already, you should get that ASM#1 slabbed. Aside? from the price to get it slabbed at least you’ll have it in a hard acrylic holder along with (hopefully) a blue CGC label.

  37. repelghosts:

    Hi Dee, see this fellow has a wonderful find…I am selling my Superman No.@ ,front cover missing and page 2 missing ,but have had over 10 offers…Dee email? me if you like the photos…Gemma

  38. Bredli37:

    I recently got into comics,? but not collecting. $4-6 an issue is outrageous. Why can’t they remain 20c like the olden times!

  39. ToddSweeneyOnce:

    @bertus23? Welcome.

  40. bertus23:

    @ToddSweeneyOnce? Thank you

  41. ToddSweeneyOnce:

    @bertus23 Certified Guaranty Company.?

  42. Riles07:

    I like this guy, he’s humble? as can be and very honest in judging his own books.

  43. bertus23:

    Can anyone tell me what CGC stands for? ?

  44. kris198921:

    i think the best spidey comic i have is my first appearance of the? spider clone and ben riley

  45. adriansvarela:

    @MrMinuteFilms i’ll give you? twenty bucks! :d

  46. adriansvarela:

    @DiabloDelgado1 also…if you just want to read them..don’t care about collecting…look for the ESSENTIALS…they have all the issues packed in one book…but? there is more than one…enjoy!

  47. adriansvarela:

    @DiabloDelgado1 your local comic book shop or ebay! the two best places…depends if you only? want to read them or care about condition….the nicer they are the more expensive…the first ten will be in the hundreds/thousands….next one hundred will be around $15-$20 and the rest will be about 3-5 bucks…start early! lol

  48. adriansvarela:

    really awsome collection and congrats…don’t ever sell them.. i hope to be in your position one day! :p i only have 27 so far…but i’m only 18…i’ll get there lol..?

  49. JerryBrown1502:

    Are u? selling any

  50. DiabloDelgado1:

    I REALLY? REALLY love spiderman and i wish i had the comics but i dont know where to look. Can someone help?

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