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NBC’s Heroes, Spider-Man, Green Lantern: Talking Comic Books

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Join our brand new forums: forum.pulpsecret.com Now, catch THE STACK twice a week – Monday and Thursday. In this episode, we’re talking and reviewing these comic books – The Sensational Spider-Man, where Mephisto forces Spidey to choose between Mary Jane and Aunt May. – Hack / Slash who does a send-up of Archie Comics – And Green Lantern Corps Plus, Blue Beetle, Teen Titans, Dan Dare, X-Men, and Madman Atomic Comics in the Speed Round. Then, we’ll give you our take on the Heroes season finale. That’s all in today’s episode of THE STACK!

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Posted February 6th, 2012 in Spiderman Comic. Tagged: , , , , , , , .


  1. Madsgermann243:

    Achully she is back in the new? series died in your arms tonight.

  2. DoubtfulGrace:

    ” I? had to beat off a priest.”

  3. Tigerkaya:


  4. Baec:

    I agree with guy in the middle 100%. Brand more day sucks. Marvel you? suck for this. I want MJ back.

  5. luvsulotz:

    i agree with the gut in the back on? the MJ subject (sorry i dont know the names

  6. Destani256:


    great? vid oO

  7. s0uperp00p:

    artist, maybe, but? writer?

  8. fherlinn:

    I like the reviews. Keep up? the good work!

  9. fieroXL5:

    Could barely comprehend what these bunch of self? congratulatory pencil neck geeks were saying.
    These Mommas’ boys rantings aren’t funny.
    …just retarded.

  10. admiralmattbar:

    It is my understanding that you can’t be half Jewish either. If you are Jewish only on your father’s side it doesn’t? count, if you are Jewish only on your mother’s side you count as a full Jew. If you convert to Judaism you count as a full Jew.

  11. LatinD:

    More great reviews. Thanks for? sharing.

  12. padzter:

    Jpe? Pasada is one of the best artists in marvel. How could you diss him!!!!

  13. moeezS:

    I always love the “It’s about LOVE” segment, gets me every? time! XD

  14. americanzero:

    extra boobage!?

  15. SmileOnADog:

    Interesting. I never thought of it that way. Also? there is baptism and confirmation.

  16. Gold3n3y3:

    You can’t be born a christian the same way that you can be born a Jew. You are either a Jew by being born into it as if through heritage? or race or you can subscribe to its teachings as a belief system. You can only be a christian by belief, not through birth. Thats why its appropriate to say they you are a half-jew (as though born with jewish blood) and not a half-christian (as there is no christian blood to pass on).

  17. BlackPanther637:

    Nice? reviews.

  18. CruelManiac:

    FUck You?

  19. kingcanti:

    I love how at the end of the? vid Pete was pointing at nothing. lol

  20. chesmaster2:

    Yeah, you guys need to do some kind of “spoiler alert” before going on to describe the whole fucking comic book (and yes ending is a pretty? big part of any book). Putting in the description, title of the video, in the begining of the video…anywhere. but, please do so.

  21. looker768:

    Damn! You guys look like you’re having so much fun. I wish I could be? in this show. Really!

  22. brohym07:

    what a bunch of fucking? nerdy faggots….

  23. SoBanned:

    I remember reading that Sodam Yat would become? the greatest Green Lantern before he dies. He hasn’t become great yet, so he can’t be dead.

  24. ldbv1983:


  25. unrealnews:

    Oh I see. Your comment was actually much more subtle than I first perceived. You’re wondering how one might claim to be half-Jewish (or half any religion) when the Judaism (or any religion) in question is? by choice. Yeah that seems a little ridiculous — unless they had constructed some version of the religion that bore some resemblance to the source religion and half of something else and wanted to describe it using common terms.

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