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Q&A: How does affiliate marketing work, and how do people make money from it?

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Question by Syed A: How does affiliate marketing work, and how do people make money from it?
Could somebody please explain how does affiliate marketing work, and how do people make money from it.
P.S: I need only answers no links to join some groups and thereby asking to pay certain amount to proceed. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Jay
Typically, you’re asked to sell a certain amount of product. In additional, you’re suppose to recruit others to do selling. For those you recruit, you get a cut.

That’s one kind of “affiliate marketing” and is the “bad” kind because it’s a pyramid scheme. There are alternatives that do fancy things so as not to be labeled as such, but they all have the problem that those that at the bottom end up losing because there’s no one else to recruit.

The other kind is where you sell a product for a company, such as cell phones or satellite dish services. This allows the primary company to expand their sales force, without actually having people on the payroll. You get paid by the sale. The other benefit to the company is that they aren’t responsible for the sales tactics of the affiliate. Sometimes, an affiliate will make promises to a customer that the main company will need keep. By the time that the the customer finds out, the affiliate is either gone or simply says “not my problem.”

This isn’t to say all affiliate marketers are dishonest, of course. And if you work hard to market your product, you can make nice commissions. But it’s up to you to sell. In some markets, there is an over saturation.

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  1. guacha:

    Here explain very well

  2. jus me:

    There are various types of affiliate marketing “techniques” to make money, but the most common way is to join a company’s affiliate program and start getting people to go to their website through link you may have on either a basic website, blog, or social media site etc… The links that you provide for people click on to go to an affiliate company’s site tell the affiliate vendor’s what web site sent them the customer and will track how much commission the affiliate marketer will get (which usually based on sales) and will send payment to the affiliate who directed the customer to them.
    Many affiliates who are profitable at this business will use their websites to harvest emails “legitimately” first. They do this by providing good content on their sites that readers are interested in. They then will ask for an email address to which they might send a free e-book, have a newsletter to subscribe too, or perhaps have a very educational video that can be watched. Many good marketers will then send good legitimate content to their potential customers that is useful to them, then “soft sell” sell them a product that will give them a commission for sending their buyer to the seller’s site.
    The Super Basic Steps of Affiliate marketing in 5 steps:
    1. Put up a website
    2. Sign up for an affiliate program that you feel has products that you have the ability to promote well
    3. Add the affiliate links that are provided from the affiliate program you signed up with to your website.
    4. Continuously work to Optimize your site to be found in the major search engines and get visitors
    5. Find more products and keep promoting and building your site

    Affiliate marketing is a REAL business. If you take it seriously and work hard at it, I honestly feel anyone can succeed. It’s hard work, but well worth it. I heard that 99% who attempt internet business of people never make any money, and it’s mostly because they quit too soon.

    There are many books you can get at local libraries that can get you educated on the subject. I recommend watching YouTube videos by lisa3876, my wife says she was the easiest for her to understand the concepts and really excited her to try and get started.

    By the way, when doing your research, be warned that affiliate marketing “educational” websites are usually trying to sell you something and can be VERY persuasive. Try not to buy anything if you can help it unless you are 100% ready to proceed and the seller has a minimum of a 30 day return policy so you have ample time to really review it. I’ve spent thousands on my education to build my affiliate business and can tell you that if you work at it consistently, it can be done.

    Good luck!

  3. Jonathan Baker:

    I will recommend you a perfect ebook on it which is completely free too.

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  4. Rogier:

    Hey there, thanks for the question. My view is that affiliate marketing really works, me and my brother are doing it together and were getting money rolling in.

    Affiliate marketing means you sell other people’s products where you gain a hefty commission, LoL that’s cool! We are always posting our links on forums and stuff so that it directs to our website and blog.

    The website we often use help us is the one below, I found out how to make affiliate buttons and links and how to direct your links ect.

    But more importantly I learned a lot of stuff which ordinary affiliates don’t know.

    I really hope this helps, Rogier.

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