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Q&A: LPN classes?

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Question by Silk: LPN classes?
Are the classes to become an LPN really hard? I have been out of school for over 15 years, can I handle them?

Best answer:

Answer by judy f
If you find out about a good school, let me realize.

I went for l/2 year, then I had a baby and didn;t finish.

If you did smartly in high school chemistry and biology, you

can probably pass. Try to study some anatomy books

from the library. If you relate well to people, espescially

seniors, you should do well.

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  1. connie j:

    In fact I am starting school pretty soon. It is a lot of work involved into this. There can not be any hinderances in your life, you must stay focused while in school. I have been out of school for just as long as you have and I am getting ready to go back and do the exact same thing. You have to take an entrance exam first so enquire about that in the county you live in first. I suggets you also try outside your county, I did and passed both county test (in count and out of county). So it depends on how bad you want this just apply yourself and tell yourself that you can do this. Be optimistic about it!!!! Have supportive people in your life is a definite help, so good luck in your future endeavours

  2. rockwithelmo:

    I was an LPN prior to becoming an RN, Let me tell you the LPN course was 10X harder than the RN, the only good thing is you don’t have to have Pre Req.’s to get in thats why I did LPN, if at all possible bite the bullet and get your RN, Its better, more respect from patients, belive me I seen it from both sides!!!!! I wish you the best of Luck. By the way if you choose to do LPN Buy you a mosby LPN NCLEX book at your local book store PRIOR to starting class, when you have a test in class study from the book on that paticular topic, I can gaurntee you most of the test questions you teacher will as you come from that book!!! I only learned that when I was studing for the actual state NCLEX, I could have past the class a lot easier if I knew that before hand. Good Luck

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