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Q&A: What are the odds of me getting a job fresh out of nursing school (BSN) in Boulder or Denver, Colorado?

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Question by : What are the odds of me getting a job contemporary out of nursing faculty (BSN) in Boulder or Denver, Colorado?
In a 12 months I graduate from Univ. of Southern Mississippi Nursing School with my BSN. I have found job opportunities in Boulder and Denver, Colorado, all of which say “preferred 1 year experience”. I am wondering what are my odds at getting those jobs fresh out of school? I tried to find a human resources email but could not.

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Answer by ibu guru
Licensing? You will need to meet Colorado’s requirements. take a look at the state’s occupational licensing on their website. (google that) Will CO accept your level from MS or have reciprocal licensing with MS? You will most definitely have fewer problems with a good BSN degree than RNs and other, lesser, credentials have.

What are you doing in your rotations? How much enjoy are you really getting and what hospitals – well regarded university medical institution or…? What additional experience may you obtain prior to making use of for jobs in CO? For example, you might want to work locally for a few period after graduation, then start applying out-of-state while you are employed. Added advantage – spares you huge expenses right after commencement when you probably have little to no money. Get some paychecks & savings in your account before trying to relocate.

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    I lived in Colorado for about four years. I used to live in Boulder and often parked by the Boulder Community Hospital to run up Mt. Sanitas behind the hospital. It has a popular trail for local residents. I checked their website. They do appear to have openings. I would contact this hospital for direct information. It’s a large community hospital with many people who have knowledge of starting a nursing career in this area. In addition to Boulder, I would recomend Longmont or some of the other cities in the state. Fort Collins, Alamosa, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Estes Park may have openings too. But start wtih Boulder, and they can guide you. If you get the job, get some facebook pictures at the top of Mt. Sanitas with your friends or family. You get a great view of Boulder from the summit. I ran up that mountain hundreds of times and was in the best cardio condition of my life back then – late 90s to early 2000s.

    This 1978 TV series was set in Boulder, CO. It was a sci-fi/comedy show with Robin Williams. I always liked the scenic views shown in the pilot song with many scenes of Boulder, CO.

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