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Q&A: where can i find some good ebook to about internet marketing?

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Question by somli: where can i find some good ebook to about internet marketing?
I am building a website and I need good information about internet marketing. Is there any site that offers some good ebooks or articles related to internet marketing?

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Answer by Karma
There are many sites that tells you that they have the best ebooks and articles about internet marketing and other stuffs. I have gone through a few and would like to suggest you to look into this site which I think is the best so far to learn about web content writing and marketing.

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  1. James Liebeman:

    There are lot scammers selling marketing materials. be careful not to fall in a trap.

  2. Eric Lenhard:

    http://www.seomoz.org – great source about internet marketing, seo, etc.

    Also check this amazing guide:

  3. Fredrik:

    Clickbank is the largest source of ebooks on the web probably.

    But if you’re serious about marketing I’d suggest a real training program, such as the one below.

  4. Sean Ervine:

    There are lots of good stuff on internet about internet marketing. Try to search and find out information according to your requirements. You can also take a look to http://www.basearticles.com

  5. Jack Crawley:

    Contact me I can help you with this: benjamincull@gmail.com

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