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Spider-man: Edge of Time – Comic-Con 2011 Trailer (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, 3DS, DS)

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Take a look at Spider-man: Edge of Time in this trailer from Comic-Con 2011. For more Comic-Con 2011 coverage, check out: www.gamespot.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Posted February 5th, 2012 in Spiderman Comic. Tagged: , , , , , , .


  1. Sophia9Lott3134:

    FreFreeWiiU.Co.CcHell Yeah! The popular? Wii U rocks !! I just now obtained my own in the mail the other day Cost Free here: FreeWiiU.Co.Cc

  2. Sophia9Lott3134:

    FreFreeWiiU.Co.CcHeck Yes! The brand new Wii U is awesome! I recently got my own in? the mail the other day Free Of Cost here: FreeWiiU.Co.Cc

  3. Sophia9Lott3134:


  4. Sophia9Lott3134:


  5. maxloverU:

    boring..sorry but this looks same as last episodes.. with no improvements on way? of playing or something serious could make it the game of the year
    it is my opinion and i am just sayin


    I’m? So Getting This For PS3 😀

  7. naruto001107:


  8. eRAK12:

    i miss? spiderman noir

  9. iluvyautja17:

    need peoples opinions. how long is this game? how good is this game? and is it worth it? ive had spiderman games and i have? to say? thay could have been better and longer

  10. callofdutyfan60:

    @gtactwit then what about the spider-man games produced by Treyarch why don’t they have? the same gameplay?

  11. gtactwit:

    @Mrcool210 O. OK, thnx?

  12. Mrcool210:

    @gtactwit it? dosent, its free roaming,

  13. gtactwit:

    @callofdutyfan60 Because both games are from Beenox. The game based on the upcoming reboot, The Amaing Spider-Man, is also from Beenox, so that one may have also the same? gameplay.

  14. callofdutyfan60:

    @venomrulesall Then why? does it have the same gameplay as shattered dimensions

  15. venomrulesall:

    @callofdutyfan60 it is not a? sequel

  16. wzetaq:


  17. Martian2611:

    Rocksteady should make? a Spider Man game.

  18. tsax257santa5:

    @callofdutyfan60 Me? 2 bro. this is probably the most epic storyline trailer I’ve ever seen for Spiderman

  19. callofdutyfan60:

    I just got this game on Xbox and it looks? great and more realistic. I’m glad beenox made a sequel to shattered dimensions

  20. MichaelTumulteTV:

    got it? on 3ds REALLY good

  21. BFROSM:


  22. skert4:

    apesta pero? tiene buenas graficas

  23. soranink1:


  24. MegaIrishDragon:


  25. MegaIrishDragon:


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