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#health Sherbon-Bannixx Banixx Horse & Pet Care for Fungal & Bacterial infections 16oz

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Sherbon-Bannixx Banixx Horse & Pet Care for Fungal & Bacterial infections 16oz

  • Scratches, Infections, Fungus, Rain Rot, Cuts & Punctures, Thrush, Dog Hot Spots and Ear Infections & Ringworm
  • A unique pH product with zero odor, zero sting, and safe for use around the eye & mouth
  • Earth-friendly, made in USA and Safe for Any Pet

The pint-ster! No stinging, caustic sensation when applied to horses wound. No offensive odor and therefore does not create fear in the horse. No steroids, environmentally friendly. Does not cauterize the infected tissue, so does not limit aid to mere surface healing. Non-staining and no added dyes.

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Price: $ 15.99

Antifungal Spray, Anti Fungal Foot Spray, Natural Formula for Athletes Foot, Ringworm, Jock Itch and Fungal Infections. Effectively Soothes and Kill Fungi, Bacteria &Viruses in Minutes-Fights Against

  • DESTROY FUNGI, VIRUSES AND BACTERIA – Patented broad spectrum antimicrobial properties have been clinically proven effective in killing fungi, viruses and bacteria, the root cause of skin infections and irritations. Layered with a blend of essential oils such as Tea Tree, Black Cumin as a second line of defense thanks to their antiseptic, anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-infectious properties so fungi and bacteria won’t stand a chance to survive.
  • RESTORE SKIN’S HEALTHY FLORA & STRENGTHEN NATURAL DEFENSE – Nourish your skin & boost the skin’s healthy organism while stimulating cell regeneration and strengthening skin’s natural resistance against bad bacteria & infections. Must-have for gym-goers, people who play contact sports, physical labors & more. Safe & suitable for men, women, kids of all ages. Gentle on sensitive skin.
  • STOP UNCONTROLLABLE ITCHING & SCRATCHING – Help the skin regain its balanced microbiome and renewed epidermis. The end result is calmed skin with reduced redness, itchiness & flakiness on your body, groin area, chest, finger & toenails. Prevent the skin infection from spreading to other body parts. Reclaim your confidence in professional and social settings.
  • CONVENIENT & DISCREET APPLICATION – Spray a few squirts onto the flared-up skin area without drawing much attention and causing embarrassment. Convenient application with instant relief at home or on the road.
  • INDISPENSABLE FOR ALL – The unique spray nourish your dry and chapped skin, giving you unbelievably smooth heels With BUOCEANS, you can look great and feel great, so you can dance, run, and enjoy life without worries!

The Antifungal Spray is a natural, safe and efficacious solution to combat ringworm, jock itch, athletes foot and other skin conditions. The Antifungal Spray is effective in destroying fungi, viruses and bacteria. As a result, you’ll experience calmed, nourished & hydrated skin with much less itching, scaling and scratching.br/>
6 Reasons Why You Should Give BUOCEANS Products a Try?

1. The formulation was developed to address the root cause of skin infections with natural, free

List Price: $ 28.99

Price: $ 16.99

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