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What would be best way to go about marketing a new online dating website?

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Question by Vane Carr: What would be best way to go about marketing a new online dating website?
A friend of mine is investing a lot of time, money, and resources into launching an online dating website. What would be the best way to launch the site? How best should it be marketed? Where and how should it be marketed online? What kind of offline marketing should be used? Anybody know anything about Ad Networks and how a site can generate revenue from them? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Thanks for all the answers so far!!

Best answer:

Answer by yellowsubfreak

This website is great for web advertising. It’s a free targeted advertising (based on you selecting various categories you would like to be included in) and link exchange network. You put other websites text ads on your page and yours appears on others. And it really is 100% free, forever. While it’s not something that guarantees traffic it also doesn’t cost anything, so why not try it?

Good luck!

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  1. Lancez:

    Buy some banner ads at major forums and doing some SEO to increase the traffic

  2. emmasnw:

    Here are a series of articles taht will assist you, the articles are focussed on launching software but can be applied to any industry.

    Planning a Product Launch – http://www.developer-resource.com/planning-a-product-launch.htm

    How to Launch a New Product – http://www.developer-resource.com/how-to-launch-an-application.htm

    Product Launch Checklist – http://www.developer-resource.com/launch-checklist.htm

    Here are some free web marketing tips.

    Keep in mind that not all web marketing needs to cost money. Aside from website submissions, there are a number of things that web marketers can do that are free, though they may be rather time-consuming. Other marketing tactics are relatively inexpensive, and are often well worth the investment.

    Follow these basic steps to market your website and business.

    Free Web Marketing Tips


  3. Barry C:

    contact me via email – I am an independent consultant with solid silicon valley experience launching internet products. now I work with start up companies at early stages on business models and marketing plans.

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