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What Would You Do? Baby Monitor

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What would you do if ABC kept stealing your work?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Posted January 28th, 2013 in Baby Monitor. Tagged: , , .


  1. MabeInAmerica:

    Just means your compassionate and have a soft spot for? babies. Not weird at all

  2. mdharis:

    u know whats weird? i know its a prank but i still feel? bad for the baby

  3. xXCODWAWXx1:

    Mabe, you’re amazing. I love every single one? of your videos and might I add…You’re the funniest prankster on YouTube I’ve ever come across. I’ve also got to ask, for all of your viewers…How did you manage to come up with all of your amazing ideas?

  4. Va Nguyen:

    haha aw the vietnamese?

  5. rick dubya:

    sorry for shouting damn i scared my puppy . someone hold my beer . I just looked over the video of my hidden cameras at my house and “DAMN” confirmation, my wife is cheating on me with midgets !!! I better get life insurance on her ,and look up a good carpet cleaning? company , I think there’s going to be blood on my carpet ? just a premonition !

  6. Bevan Cope:

    Oh? wow, awesome

  7. CrazyGerman08:

    hahaha. gold?

  8. MabeInAmerica:

    Thanks? Fred!

  9. Fred Huseynov:

    great video?

  10. SMX600:

    Why i do? not feel like laughing?

  11. BroMandudeKnar:

    just subbed!! i love you mabe! i have an awesome prank idea……walk into a bank and act like youre holding it up then when shes about to give you the money hand a note to her saying just kidding. then kill? her lol no jk dont kill her cause then it wouldnt be a joke anymore

  12. HardlyImaginary:

    (old? comment, but still…)
    Could have a real baby in the crib, in case she checks in on it. Then have someone sneak in through the window and take it. And continue with your idea.

  13. CmoreBuhts:

    I love this? mable’s videos their great

  14. CmoreBuhts:

    explain the first lady scene? guy in the back? guy next to him? hidden but it;s obvious whats going on. im not trying to hate on the vid or “expose” but camera work is a very powerful thing ?

  15. Simon Leblanc:

    I Love Your Videos!?

  16. onjoFilms:

    They’re hidden. You can tell when someone? is haming for a cam.

  17. CmoreBuhts:

    Even though they all see the camera’s….xD?

  18. UnknownZerggling:

    4G baby? monitor!

  19. black88wolf:

    original idea ;)?

  20. MabeInAmerica:

    that was not a happy cry!?

  21. cooljulie100:

    No No No No! ? Not happy cry! OMG I laughed until I was crying!!!!

  22. MabeInAmerica:

    well said?

  23. onjoFilms:

    Integrity is doing something right when you think no one is watching, and she’s got it.?

  24. theoderik12:

    Hire a babysitter and when she gets there, tell her the baby is already asleep. Go to a movie and when you get back, “check on the? baby”. Ask her where the kid is at.

  25. NateDoggcycle09:

    next time have the bay sound then add in to here it sounds like you house is being broken? into with the baby there.

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