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Woofers Dancin’ Dirty on 1.5kw – 3 12 inch Orion Subs- Cheap Alpine Car Audio 2 Big SPL Van Flex

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Droppin Low with three 12 inch Orion Subwoofers in an abandoned Parking Lot! Think this is crazy, you aint seen nothin yet! Bassheads Unite! Check Out These Songs! petey pablo – freak-a-leak / freak a leak the pack – im shinin three 6 mafia / 3 6 mafia – late nite tip / late night tip young jeezy – welcome back Pioneer DEH-P6000ub Clarion Eqs746 (1) Alpine MRP-M500 (1) Alpine MRP-M1000 (3) Orion HP12 @ 2 ohms Orion Cobalt 5.25’s Polk DB 5×7’s Polk DB 6×9’s Big Three in 0 Gauge MCR 200 amp H/O Alternator (2) Power Akustic PCX’5 Caps Pretty Good For What I Paid, or is it three six mafia – late nite tip ?

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Posted December 11th, 2012 in 500 Watt Cheap. Tagged: , , , , , , , , , , .


  1. Victor Cardenas:

    Ok playing some wolfpack from here in? the west coast! Ugh how did you get wind of that song?

  2. BluntsenBurner:

    Why would you put subs in that crap car??

  3. EXOcontralto:

    Sounds good to me man! Looking forward to? hearing how it all turns out for you 🙂

  4. stormwalker100:

    your system here prob sounds better though lol i need more? voltage and my cap charged. ill put a video up soon

  5. EXOcontralto:

    Nice? man!

  6. stormwalker100:

    my 2 primier champion pros will be about as loud if not louder when im done. 1.8kw rms at 1ohm? 😀 i beat 2 15s today in a stand off

  7. EXOcontralto:

    Great? Tunage for the SUBS!

  8. WONDAKID707:

    Fuck yeah? the pack

  9. EXOcontralto:

    LOL, or was? it? 🙂

  10. Gina Hillard:

    i seen? a fuckin stem dancin lmmfao

  11. EXOcontralto:

    Couple hundred bucks? each

  12. SubwooferKing100:

    How much did u pay for? those subs?

  13. EXOcontralto:


  14. projectBryce:

    imagine putting these in a 1990? honda 😀

  15. EXOcontralto:

    Hell yah,? they were pretty sweet!

  16. EXOcontralto:

    Nah, I sold it a long time ago. It was? pretty sweet though!!!

  17. jmsboyer11:

    @jatinder473 there? Orion HP subs

  18. EXOcontralto:

    Yes sir – 1500 watts / 3 subs = 500? watts

  19. lukas wiegelmann:

    3x 500 watt???

  20. EXOcontralto:

    – In? the title…

  21. Jatinder Singh:

    which subbwoffers are these can? u tel me

  22. EXOcontralto:

    – Turn it? up loud!!! 😉

  23. subs65:

    hey i? got 2 12″ orion bp-hd12d4s with a rockford 800a2. how can i get them to do some serious damage?

  24. EXOcontralto:

    -? She likes it dirty

  25. 156jdm:

    dude your car is dirty as? fuck….

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