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Car Amplifiers. Female needs help picking and choosing. Links supplied.?

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Question by Hannah: Car Amplifiers. Female needs help picking and choosing. Links supplied.?
Here’s two links to two separate amplifiers.

There’s roughly a $ 26 price difference between the two. I’m not overly concerned about the money side of it. But, is the 6000 watt worth spending the additional cash over the 5500 watt, all for just 500 watt difference? The only thing I have noticed is that on the 6000 watt amp that it appears to have more settings. Like I said previously $ $ isn’t a problem nor are the looks. I’m basically concerned about the over all performance. Any comments, suggestions and answer will be greatly appreciated! Someone who can break down all the specifics for me as well as compare them will indeed win BEST ANSWER!!!! =D

Best answer:

Answer by Mooned Y!A
The $ 242 has 5 great reviews so I would go with that. They both are probably very good though. Good luck.

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Posted October 3rd, 2012 in Price Compare 500 Watt. Tagged: , , , , , , , .

One comment:

  1. N2Audio:

    Power Acoustik is among the lower-end brands, but they do produce some pretty powerful subwoofer amps for the price.

    it’s important to understand those huge “ratings” you’re seeing aren’t really ratings at all. Those are peak/max numbers that only mean something to PA’s marketing department.
    Even the RMS ratings of those amps are way off.

    The 5500d has been put to the test (measured) several times and come out at around 2000w rms at 1 ohm. That’s in line with it’s 200A worth of fusing and its price tag.

    I haven’t seen much on the 6000d, the 250A suggested fuse seems to indicate it’s a bit more powerful, but the price doesn’t ($ 10 cheaper at

    There are some underlying issues though — At 2000w rms or more you’re going to need one beastly electrical system to even get close to those numbers. A high output alternator, a 2nd battery or two. On top of that, even if one’s 2000 and the other’s 2500 (AND assuming you have the electrical system to get that kind of power out of them) a 500w difference is only 25%. That’s going to amount to an SPL difference that’s barely audible. It would amount to maybe 1 dB on an SPL microphone.

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